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Our Hong Kong Company develops Apple Applications.

We started developing iOS mobile apps since 2008. We support both multinational companies and start-ups companies. We have a team of technical expertise which work together in order to offer support to value added at each stage of project. There is an app for iOS what you’re thinking. Technological advances and the ability to combine multiple development environments allows us to develop custom ios app development of the highest quality for any environment and business sector, in full respect of the rules of the Apple Store and the distribution contract for iOS developers.

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Do you have in mind to develop apps for ios? Discuss with us, our talented programmers and designers in Las Vegas are available for custom ios app development. Our company provides software development and IT consulting deals with the creation of mobile applications for iOS iPhone, iPad, and iPod iWatch. We pay particular for developing iOS apps for innovative startups and iOS software for businesses, industries, and individuals.

If you decided to make a game for our iPhone game designers are for you. With more than 10 years of programming experience and skills of IT industry, we can attract the targeted audience.

At the end of the development process and subsequent testing of QA for software, we will be happy to give your new iOS app immediate visibility on the local market or through our global service marketing and advertising for mobile applications and services for the production of advertising campaigns multi-media.

We care about your privacy and respect the intellectual and industrial property of our customers, your App is protected by our confidentiality agreement and non-disclosure.

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  • Technologies: Objective-C, C ++, HTML5 framework Cocoa Touch, UI / UX Design
  • Development Environment: Apple X-Code, Interface Builder, Phone Gap
  • Operating System: iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5, iOS 4, iPhone OS 3.0, iPhone 2.0, iPhone OS
  • Architecture: Client / Server, Web Application, Smart Client, Native, Hybrid, Off-line, Database
  • Services: develop apps for ios: iOS App tailored, web-based application for iPhone, iOS App for the company, iOS game development, video game platform for the iPhone and smartphones, iOS Applications for Security, Ecommerce App iOS, iOS Applications sector Communication and Transport, Support GPS – WiFi – Bluetooth and sensors relevant to iOS apps, iOS SDK Integration of third-party applications iPhone – iPad – iPod – iWatch, Monetize iOS