Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development

Why Choose Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development?

Are You looking for App development by using Cross-Platform Development? If yes, then choose Flutter for Cross-Platform App development, a way to reduce your budget and time. You are free to use Flutter App without having many chunks of knowledge. Flutter is one best solutions against digital coupons and Google Ads. 

Flutter is the advanced transformative innovation for engineers and clients that is relied upon to get progressive changes in their mobile application. React Native is by all accounts losing in 2019 with the approach of Flutter application improvement. A portion of the prominent organizations has stop React Native development and are changing to Flutter for cross-platform mobile application advancement.

Well Reputed Flutter Apps

Flutter for Cross-Platform App development,
  • Alibaba.com
  • Google Ads
  • Reflectly
  • Tencent 
  • Bitfolio

Why Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development?

According to research Flutter is the fastest mobile app development invention with easy code. Developers can design eye-catching and attention seeker layouts with amazing animation by using Flutter. If you are talking about expenses, Flutter app development is the best contribution to reduce the overall cost. Let’s come and participate in the given discussion to know more about “Why Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development” is a good solution.

Easy and Speedy Coding

 The reason to select the related and good platforms for development is a key to easy and speedy coding. Flutter development comes into the picture because of quick development and support to plan dynamic and customize applications. 

The best part of Flutter development is live results, when you add some changes in the code it allows you to see the result in the application. Reloading functionality of Flutters participates in speedy development, on the other hand, easy to solve the errors and free to make any changes are key features of Flutter App Development. User-friendly Flutter designs are the way to entertain the audience.

Reusable Flutter Components 

Engineers can compose the code once and utilize a similar code for many OS. One code can use for both iOS & Android projects. Expert engineers are sharing the views that Flutter is very close to React Native both from coding and maturity perspectives. More than flexible easier with Flutter, as it has its own gadgets and plans, it gets simpler to assemble cross-stage applications with Flutter improvement features.  What’s more? better believe it, on the off chance that you need to separate applications for various platforms – that is conceivable with Flutter.

Core Elements

In the same way as other programming languages, Flutter utilizes widgets as its central component. Widgets offer to engineers for the observation that how other developers doing their code very quickly and spend a minimum of time on creating essential UI components for all frames. All these facts are reasons to makes Flutter incredibly supportive for engineers: you simply have to make a UI component for one time and it will consequently adjust for all frames. This likewise minimizes development time for QA experts, as a testing team doesn’t have to test the Flutter portable application layouts on all gadgets with various screen sizes.

Flutter using native Functions

Flutter is fundamentally a silver cover of application that utilizes an exceptional specialized strategy called Platform Channels to interface Data to native code. It’s not difficult for the engineers to get and utilize Flutter’s equipment. Presently, Flutter has its own libraries that help to communicate with other device’s equipment like GPS chips, cameras, and microphones. At the point when you utilize a library, it’s harder to change something, so this may cause limitations for your task. But on the attractive node, you can easily complete the complicated task easily by using Flutter libraries.

Minimum Testing Processes

Save your time and efforts by using Flutter App development. Yes, you don’t need to indulge in any kind of white box and black box testing. At the point when you have the equivalent application for two unique platforms, the QA testing measure turns out to be quicker. Flutter engineers just need to observe the application for a single time by running robotized tests, in other words, is automatic testing. 

If there are some variations in application design on the various screens, in this situation developers and QA group should apply the testing process independently, it’s a key to find an error.

Eye-catching and Flexible User Interface

Flutter has plan-driven widgets and progressed route highlights, now get ready to expect stunning UIs for the portable applications. You are free to utilize the Flutter Widgets to improve the visual parts of your versatile applications. Developers can easily access these widgets or can be changeable according to your accurate necessities. An expert Flutter application organization can assist you with required widgets and add the ideal features for making an attractive mobile application.

Flutter’s Performance

Vacillate is a stable and well-reputed platform based on performance even in contrast with native code. Flutter wins by an embarrassing margin over other cross-stage innovations, ease access, friendly environment, and less complicated logics are key features of Flutter’s attraction. Flutter’s standard is 60 themes each second, it utilizes JavaScript Bridge to easily introduce screens. These functions change the theme quickly and smoothly on the screen.

Flutter’s Acceptance in Industry

As we know that Flutter offers a variety of widgets and acceptable solutions against difficult problems. The result of Flutter’s flexibility is application advancement, contribution in simple app development, and saves designers bundle of time. These are the keys that attract all organizations towards Flutters Application development. Because team doesn’t have to spend more time to fight with complexities and on the other hand, they can achieve their target within imaginary time. 

Understandable Code Structure

Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development

Flutter code construction is exceptionally near the native Android language that motivated all developers. According to Google rating Flutter structure is the best highlights of native Android coding. Flutter’s basic selling spot is its capacity to partition the styles and run coding into various classes. This significantly quickens improvement, if you have one custom view with different lavish elements these will work for all aspects of the application. Additionally, everyone can utilize basic styling of your widgets and in the end, it will execute incredibly too.

Flexible and easy Animations

Ready-made characteristics features of Flutter allow us to make amazing animation without indulging in the basic level. You have all components in Flutter’s libraries you just need to attach different clays to make a customized application. These animations are ready to play on different sizes of screen and also flexible to shift on different platforms as per your requirements. Who wants to spend time recreating the same things? I think no one. Use the Flutter development and put attractive and energetic effects in your applications.

Flutter long-term Stability

Flutter coding is ordered in the form of ARM code just for the computer processing unit. Flutter itself has its own delivery engine, Flutter applications never influenced by OS modifications or framework advancements. Flutter’s work is exactly the same in any case if the interface to the IOS or Android framework may get an update. 

Version’s level similarity is an important part of the stability effect. As a quick development in the toolkit, Flutter never replaces its API and improvement methods. If you have done your coding in the previous two years, you can still use that same code now, this is the maturity and stability key of Flutter App Development. 

Native Themes for IOS and Android

Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development

Native Android Applications are throwing remarkable effects on the audience. On the other hand, Google also reported Kotlin is Java’s true language. Google is likewise putting its efforts on another Chrome and telephone working framework, that’s Fuchsia. 

 It’s absolutely true that Android Studio-created native applications that are acceptable in methodology and smoothness. Then again, it is not difficult to spot applications created with cross-platform arrangements and it seems like something is absent. Notwithstanding, it is extremely unlikely to say that the applications were worked with Flutter since Flutter applications arrived in application stores. The applications are actually user-friendly and well managed.

Android App Development by using Flutter

Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development
  • One Tech Stack
  • Flutter UI Features/Kit 
  • Ideal Matching of Pixels
  • Flutter Testing 
  • Application Productivity

IOS Application Development by using Flutter

Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development
  • One Tech Stack
  • Flutter UI Features
  • Flutter Testing 
  • Application Productivity

Cost for Flutter App Development

Flutter Application Development is not much expensive because it’s easy to work with Flutter coding and also a kind of attachment work. When you have ready-to-use libraries and tools definitely it takes less development affords and easy to maintain. Another attractive aspect that needs to be considering while planning a budget is Flutter reusability. Developers are free to use the same coding for different application development platforms and also can be usable previous years’ code in any present day. These are the keys that participate to reduce the cost. 

Contribution of Flutter For Cross-Platform App Development

Right now, futter is six OS, you can use one chink of code on different platforms and surely run it to find required results. The platform supported by Flutter are: 

  1. IOS
  2. macOS
  3. Android
  4. Web
  5. Linux
  6. Windows

Final Thoughts of Discussion

Cross-platform improvement is blasting for many engineers who are working to level up open-source innovations. Flutter’s system is key to the quickest development of those innovations, also is supported by Google. Google put extraordinary presentation affects and also make sure the Flutter’s consistent advancement. Almost all Android experts with more than 6-years of training participate in the 2020 research, and the research discovered that Flutter fairly simple to learn and helpful to utilize. Right now, the Flutter App Development language is used for shorts and middle-level projects but the growth status is alarming all the developers that soon Flutter will be the backbone of big scale projects. 

Cloud Certifications ⁠— The Growing Importance of Cloud Computing

Technologies are advancing day by day. Cloud Computing is into the mainstream of enterprise IT these days. Cloud Computing has clearly occupied a huge market. Organizations are transforming their infrastructure from traditional computing to cloud computing.

Many Cloud Certifications have been released by tech giants such as Microsoft’s AZ-103, Google’s Cloud and Amazon Web services. However, AZ-103 preparation is crucial to becoming a certified professional. Simultaneously, AWS preparation is crucial to get their certification.

Last year quarterly revenue generated by AWS had jumped from $1.8 billion to $2.89 billion according to Amazon. It is a 58% growth in revenue. This shows the interest of IT and other industries in cloud services. In the space of one year, by over one billion dollars, AWS grew its quarterly revenues.

How embedded cloud computing is in the future of enterprise IT? There are evidence that shows us the emergence and demand for cloud computing in recent years. The shift to the cloud is accelerating, according to a survey conducted by JP Morgan CIO. According to them, demand for cloud computing will rise more in the coming five years.


Cloud Computing is a Core Competency:

For all IT organizations, cloud computing must now be a core competency, according to many analysts. As the province of startups and SMBs, cloud computing can’t be dismissed anymore. It can’t be denigrated as “Shadow IT” now. IT organizations must be ready now for this technology, its design, deployment, monitoring, and management. Cloud-based applications are easy to manage.

While AZ-103 preparation an individual can learn many concepts of Azure and implement them to get benefits from this technology. An organization can compete with many challenges if they hire a cloud professional.


What is the Issue in Adoption?

The most significant issue that is holding cloud computing back is security. It has been cited in a traditional way by IT executives. But security isn’t the main concern, we’ll discuss it further. Lack of resources and expertise are the main issues according to a survey conducted by a cloud management company, RightScale.

When technology becomes a de-facto platform for applications it moves beyond early adopters. Across the organization, it requires building a foundation of technology skills. The demand for cloud skills has been increased in recent years. Individuals and organizations both are demanding certifications as Microsoft and VMware, both are in this technology now.


Importance of Certification:

The motive for obtaining cloud certification is clear. In the job market, they want to gain a competitive edge and demonstrate competence. Having a certificate indicates the individual holds a demonstrable level of skills and it also demonstrates core knowledge of the concepts.

Here are two basic reasons that show the importance of cloud certification:


Organizations can Determine base Skills levels:

Organizations are not selling skills, they are buying skills. They look for certified individuals. It is a way of determining base skill levels for them. A certification shows that an individual is ready and able to join a team and share his skills with an organization. Certifications help the organizations to make a decision about the individual that he can contribute or not.

Any cloud certification’s preparation such as az-103 preparation isn’t easy. It will take time and a deep understanding to clear concepts. This is why organizations always look for certified professional.


Candidate has a Strong Knowledge Base:

The second and most important reason — an organization can guarantee a consistent knowledge base of an employee. With the same certification, employees of an organization can work together using the common terminology. Employees with certification can perform better.

Certifications guarantee that employees share the same understanding of cloud computing. This will directly result in the success or failure of the project. The same understanding of cloud computing will generate efficient results. Employees will be able to work on consistent operations which will result in lower operational cost.


Ending Thoughts:

Certifications are the mainstream topic as cloud computing has hit the mainstream. Certifications provide you a good understanding in lesser time. According to RightScale, the number one barrier to cloud adoption is unskilled professionals. This is why over the next couple of years we’ll see a huge rush for cloud computing certifications and training.

To improve personal marketability, obtaining a certification is an excellent way for individuals. For organizations, cloud computing will reduce the cost of server installation, maintenance and IT team for it. Cloud computing is a core competence,certification will be a key action item now.

20 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate of a Website in 2016

Gaining traffic to your website is awesome but taking advantage of that is also important instead losing out those visitors. So improving conversion rates of your website is extremely critical. Sometimes a little change to your website can prompt remarkable change in conversion rates and if you combine several small and big tweaks then it can really bring significant change in your results.

Being a Hong Kong’s website design company, our team at VirtueNetz have researched a few great ways that can help increase conversion rates of your website and convince people to take action whether it’s filling out an enquiry form or making a purchase directly from your website.

Avoid Too Many Web Design Options

When people are given too many options on a website then it creates confusion for them and they face difficulty choosing a particular product or service. You need to offer clear picture of your products so they can quickly make a decision while sitting on your website. It is also good to tell people your recommended or mostly sold item with a few good reviews so they can be fast in making a quick purchase and giving you a good amount of conversion rates.

Information is the Key

We have noticed that a common mistake people make in websites is that they don’t provide enough information of the particular product or service they try to sell. People prefer to see more images and videos so they can quickly decide whether to purchase or not. A lot of text based content is also not good as most of the people don’t want to read too much information. Let’s take an example of Amazon and eBay. They provide a lot of content of most products they sell and this is one of the reasons they sell millions of things online. You need to communicate the value of the products or services you sell along with the price so they can easily judge the worth.

Contact Info

Make sure you include contact information for people to get in touch with you as it builds trust and confidence. Your location address should be properly explained so they can reach you if they want.

Discount Coupons and Incentives

It is good to offer some discount bonuses at the checkout stage i.e. free shipping or certain percentage off. It builds interest in people and they do come back for their next purchase.

Backup with Proof

We understand you would be claiming too much but at the same time you need to back it up whatever you say. People don’t normally take your words but also they want to see some evidence so offer customer testimonials, some case studies and reviews on your website.

Remove Diversion

It is one of the major factors of a website. If you want people to focus on a single product then remove other irrelevant information so people don’t get distracted from the main goal you want to achieve. For example on your landing page, you can minimize information and prompt only the particular product or service you actually want to sell. The more action options you offer to your visitors the less they are to make a decision.

Web Service Guarantees

People love price matching and money back guarantees as it gives them a confidence that if your product or service doesn’t satisfy their needs, they can always have their paid money back. So they think of win-win situation. At the same time it builds their trust on your company and they revert to you for their next choice.

High Quality Images

Use high quality images on your website. Try to choose some paid stock photos from famous websites like ThemeForest, iStockPhoto etc.  Photos of happy and smiling faces create more conversion rate. Use more images and videos compared to the text as it gives them a quick decision making option.

Use Buttons in Web Design

Use more buttons than long phrased links and instead include a hyper link behind the button so whenever they click on that it redirects them over to the desired link. If someone is viewing your website on a mobile device then buttons play an important role as it allows them to quickly read information and take an appropriate action.

Single Column Web Layout

Try to use single column layout instead of double as it increase conversion rates of websites. At the bottom of the page, use ‘back to top’ button and on every page use ‘back to home’ buttons..

Use Personal Photo

That’s okay you can use personal photo in somewhere on your website to give people an impression that there is a real person behind the business.

Testimonials and Reviews

Use testimonials and reviews of customers on your website. You can sign up on a website called TrustPilot and ask your customers to give you rating and post a review that you can easily integrate to your website.

Focus on Benefits of Your Products

You need to be clear about the benefits of your products. It is good to list out features but some people don’t understand technical terms and rather want to know the end results or benefits of the particular product.

Strong Action Verbs

Use strong call to action verbs so people can feel a real experience by clicking on the particular button or link. You can try words like ‘Get it now’, ‘Grab it now’ etc

Headline Matters

Be careful when writing a headline of your landing page or website’s home page. It should be interesting and catchy.

 Use Videos

If you are selling products online then it will be good to post video information and some video guides so people can easily understand what your products exactly offer. It will help them quickly adopt benefits and make a purchase.

Attractive Landing Pages

Create exclusive landing pages of a particular product or service that you can use for a SEO purpose i.e. pay-per-click ads and AdWords so people can directly land to the page that you are actually trying to market.

Social Media Followers

It is good to explain the amount of the followers or counts you have on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus so they know the numbers of people trust in your brand.

Related Products

When someone is viewing a particular product on your website then it is suggested to show some more but related products so they may take interest in those as well.

Tangible Products

If you are selling tangible products online then it is good to show them some stock numbers so they know how many are left or in stock. This action will make them decide promptly and ultimately will give your website a good conversion rate.

5 Reasons to Use WordPress to Redesign Your Small Business Website

WordPress is a popular platform that gives you a great back end system for your website which is compliant to web standards giving an edge being a seo friendly website. This is commonly known as a Content Management System that enables you easily update content of your website from anywhere at any time. If you are spending too much time and bearing high cost getting your website updated then you should look for a WordPress quick solution to redesign your website. This option will allow you to manage all the important areas of your website without incurring further costs. Isn’t that amazing?

Here at VirtueNetz, we understand when it comes to designing and developing a website, the vast majority of those small entrepreneurs think they can’t have all the attractive features that bigger organizations have but that’s not true. Here are some amazing reasons why you should consider WordPress development to redesign your website.

WordPress is a Free and Open Source Software

One of the most important factors is that it is a free and open source platform. Open source means that any developer can contribute to the plugins, themes and updates of the software. The framework is continually enhancing and improving, and another expansion doesn’t cost you a penny. You can take benefit from these upgrades without paying for them.

Website Safety and Security Updates

WordPress always keep itself updated for all the safety and security measures. Quick updates mean that you can be certain your website is always up to date. WordPress does everything for you as compared to the other Content Management Systems where you have to manually check for the updates. You can concentrate on other things of your business keeping in mind that your website will automatically update by the time and will become more secure and strong to defend new threats.

Your Website Will Work as a Blog

Blogging is something that has a very important role in today’s web world. One of the advantages of the WordPress content management system is that you can use built-in blog for your website. So if you are using third party software to do blogging then it will no longer be an issue for you. A blog is the best approach to persistently add new substance to your website and stay up with the latest with your business.

SEO Friendly Web Platform

WordPress is a SEO friendly platform and is more searchable by Google and other search engines. One of the most prominent SEO plugins is Yoast that gives a comprehensive step by step process how the content of your website gets crawled and rank using the focus keyword.

Standard Coding for all Web Developers

If you want to update your website on a regular basis then WordPress is the best solution because any specific coding it uses is almost standard for all developers i.e anyone can change it easily. So even if you change your developer in future, the website will no longer be complicated for the new person. One reason WordPress is so incredible is that it has become such a mainstream decision any web engineer knows how to code for it. At whatever point an issue appears that you can’t settle, or you choose to upgrade your site’s look, any engineer will have the capacity to sort this out.


After learning the above points, we can conclude that WordPress content management system is a great tool to redesign a website. Being a Hong Kong web design company, we have created plenty of solutions for the companies that are successful today and there are several projects that have been referred to us to maintain the development.

Top 20 Companies Who Hired Outsourced Development

Did you know that outsourced web development service has helped several startups build their successful businesses today? We understand it requires working efficiently with quality to start any venture and you need to ensure that you have the right resources in the right place.

It’s up to your ability if you can get this going in-house. We understand that you might have limited assets and funds to hire talented or skilled resources but there is an alternative approach that you can use to get the ball rolling and go through the startup phase easily.

Here are the top 20 successful companies globally who have opted an outsourced website development strategy to launch their esteemed organizations.

AlertBoot: They decided to outsource their infrastructure –as-a-service (iaas) and used cloud hosting give boost to those areas of development.

Github: The organization has utilized various individuals who finished development work for all intents and purposes from home.

Branchout: This is one of the prominent apps that were developed completely with outsourced development services.

Staff.com: Serving as an organization that offers outsourced ability and consultants for different associations, Staff.com used the same model to develop from a start-up into an all inclusive fruitful business.

Klout: To get its innovation in the appropriate spot before dispatch, Klout depended on numerous outsourced engineers to ensure the best quality service to offer publicly.

Skype: Yes that’s true, Skype utilized a group of engineers to help them work out their business and ensure error free communication solution.

Fab: This expansive startup joined forces with engineers in India to expand financing while scaling up when their business hinted at development.

MYSQL: From the beginning, the organization accepted and demonstrated the achievement of a development technique that included utilizing the most part of outsourced staff as a part of different nations to increase operations in every area and to offer MYSQL quality database management.

SeatGeek: This organization found a significant money saving advantage to outsourcing particular errands to ability in different nations. That helped them manufacture their foundation quicker at less cost than contracting in-house staff.

Splunk: This organization, known for inquiry and investigation of information, has utilized outsourced offices to discover the ability that quickly built up their framework and arrangement.

Opera: This is a well known web browser who depended on designers from different nations to make and execute the functionality of this browser worldwide.

Pingar: While building up itself in its industry, Pingar hired outsourced web developers to build up its business.

Axeda: The organization depended on web designers to make the product and stage to offer its cloud-based arrangement.

Solix: Yes, even technology outsource organizations have utilized offshore web resources to make its base..

Cloudmunch: The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company hired an Indian outsource company to bring talent it required to begin its operations.

Gliffy: This electronic charting instruments organization has swung to outsourcing for particular parts of its innovation improvement.

Mailburn: This is a great iPhone email client solution that was developed using an outsource company that assisted with a significant number of the specialized parts of the arrangement.

Squawker: Their solution was developed with the help of an outsourced software company who partnered with them to build their business.

Basecamp: The most famous project management system. The same routine of outsourcing worked for Basecamp as it formed itself into an innovation pioneer.

Mindspark:  This is one of the prominent mobile apps companies out there who utilized outsource developers to make its business and a large portion of its current applications.

We at VirtueNetz have helped numerous companies sitting at backend as an outsourced service provider to build their ventures and continuously maintained their systems.