Google Site Kit: Why This FREE WordPress Plugin Is A Must-Have Google Tool

It’s difficult to create a great website using no Analytics or Search Console data, yet to use the website they build without proper analysis is itself tough for end users. It’s especially a pain to maintain a rough WordPress site. Finally, things are starting to shift.

Google Site Kit is indeed a revolutionary Best WordPress plugin that combines a few of Google’s greatest services into a single, easy-to-use package. Site Kit integrates the finest insights from Google services into one dashboard, from views and SEO rankings to loading speed & ad income.

What is the Plugin in WordPress?

Plugins in WordPress are important tools that help users improve their website’s features and performance. They allow users to easily add things like contact forms, e-commerce functionality, better search engine visibility, and stronger security measures.

With essential plugins, users can also connect their websites with social media platforms. The best part is that plugins provide a flexible and user-friendly way to customize websites with no need to know how to code or program extensively.

This indicates that you can now obtain top-tier website analytics without having to leave WordPress, to make it easier to expand your business, boost your income, and also get your website out there.

Site Kit was launched as a dev kit by Google. Google also collected feed2 ever since. It’s Extremely Simple to Set Upback and make changes.

Google launched its Website Kit WordPress plugin for use by everyone. So, it’s no longer in beta. In addition, Google claims to have “dramatically streamlined the setup experience, corrected several buts, and improved the key user flows.”

10 Reasons Why this FREE WordPress Plugin is a Must-Have Google Tool

1. Get a Quick Overview of Your Insights

You can obtain much of the most critical data regarding your website’s functionality at the moment once you’ve established Google Site Kit – without ever exiting WordPress. That implies you can disable any other analytic essential plugins that charge you to view all of your information, and you won’t have to visit numerous websites to check how your site is performing. Everything is shown on a single, readily accessible dashboard.

2. It’s Extremely Simple to Set Up a Free WordPress Plugin

The multipurpose WordPress plugin was built with the Google-like simplicity of use we’ve learned to expect. Quickly download the Kit, install it as a separate plugin in WordPress, and afterward, log in and validate your site. After that, you’re all set.

3. You Have the Option to Include the Services You Need

You can start connecting other Google services after you’ve got everything set up. The plugin links to Google Analytics by standard, but you may additionally link to Google Search Console, Google AdSense, and Google PageSpeed Insight to receive a more detailed view of your web’s operation. As the plugin develops, we may anticipate more functionality to be introduced.

4. Observe Page Statistics from the Admin Bar

Rather than having to go through the WordPress analytics sections to see how one of your pages is performing, you can use this Google tool to view page metrics right from the admin bar when surfing your site. This is a fantastic timesaving tool that will allow you to acquire the information you want more quickly.

5. Examine Your Website’s Position in the Search Engines

You may use Google Site Kit to discover which search phrases are driving the most traffic to your website before writing your next blog article. The plugin’s connection with Google Search Console will provide you with a wealth of information about your average search engine rank, click-through rate, impressions, and keywords.

6. Make it Easier to Track Ad Earnings

When you attach AdSense to google’s New service, you’ll be able to track your profits directly from the plugin dashboard, to make it simpler than ever to evaluate how well your content is performing. If you haven’t already signed up for Google AdSense, you may do so easily using the plugin’s instructions. Why not start a new source of income?

7. Use Page Speed’s Actionable Advice

A fantastic service shown in the Site Kit utility belt is PageSpeed Insights. You may utilize it to figure out what’s wrong with your WordPress site’s loading speed (for competitors’ analysis, you can even use this site kit and adopt the trending strategies to grow your business). Even better, it gives you specific WordPress-specific recommendations on how to improve your loading speed if it detects problems.

8. Get The Most Out of Google Analytics in One Convenient Location

What does a web metrics tool be without Google Analytics? You’ll have immediate access to Analytics after downloading and installing the Site Kit WordPress plugin, providing you with lots of good conversion-boosting information about how users explore your sites and accomplish goals.

9. It’s a Completely Free Service

That’s correct–Google Site Kit is a free WordPress plugin that you may use if you have a WordPress plan that permits you to acquire essential plugins.

10. It’s Still Growing

Even better, it’s still in its infancy, so there will be lots more new features to come. The creators of Google Site Kits say they aim to enhance the plugin’s capabilities on the Google Site Kits FAQ page. Google Site Kit was recently upgraded while it was still in beta. Google is expected to make further improvements to version 2.0 when more people test the plugin.

Final Views:

Google Site Kit is a brand-new WordPress plugin for websites that provides simple-to-understand data directly from the dashboard. You may also access related Google goods by following links contained in the plugin results if you want more advanced reports. Overall, this new Google tool is a must-have plugin for website owners wanting to get their site up and fast, financially strong, and expand it.