CodeIgniter Vs Laravel: Comparison Of Two PHP Frameworks

The big war between two PHP frameworks, including CodeIgniter vs Laravel. 

Long-term struggle, developers are quickly moving towards PHP and picking the PHP Frameworks to make customized projects. PHP MVC framework is the right solution for rapid, flexible, and stable development. 

Various PHP frameworks are accessible in the development world, but why developers and businesses are preferring Laravel and CodeIgniter? Before we move on to the selection stage (CodeIgniter vs. Laravel), we must know about the features, weak points, stability, and future growth of these frameworks. Today’s conversation is specially planned for you, and it will surely help you to pick the best PHP framework to lead your business on the other level. This debate will also contribute to clear the developer’s directions and help them to pick the best framework according to the problem’s nature.

CodeIgniter vs Laravel

What is Laravel?

It’s an open-source PHP framework used for web-based development. Why are most of the developers preferred to work in Laravel? The flexible opportunity of development and ready-to-use tools are the primary reasons for Laravel’s popularity. On the other hand, security and web application stability are keys to the Laravel framework. 

Laravel reduces the development pressure in the sense of session, caching, authentication and routing; all these tasks are done on an automatic basis in the Laravel framework. Laravel is based on MIT permission. Consequently, Laravel is an open-source framework available on GitHub. Laravel is a solid PHP structure as it keeps elaborative and exact language protocols for long-term application growth.

What is CodeIgniter?

A well-reputed MVC framework, having the roots of PHP for advanced web-based application development. Nothing is speedier than CodeIgniter database connections. On the other side, developers can freely carry their maximum tasks in one go. Well-managed and problem-solving libraries of CodeIgniter are the main reason for selection. 

Developers don’t need to indulge in intricate coding; useful toolkits are enough to compose a full-featured and dynamic website. Developers can free work on CodeIgniter because no MVC dependencies occur during development. If anyone is going to develop a complex website, they can freely use third-party plugins for solutions. CodeIgniter automatically ensures the website security and encryption process.

1: Technical Comparison Factors of Laravel and Codeigniter


In the world of advancement, all of us prefer rapid and stable development, and for rapid development, we divide the task of one project to our teams; this is called module-based development. Let’s come to observe who is offering module-based development.


In Laravel, ready-to-use modules are available to divide the key responsibilities of development. Complex and significant level projects are easily divided into small chunks for flexible work.


In the CodeIgniter framework, ready-to-use modular tools are not available. If any developer prefers module-based development, they have to add the modular extension for flexible solutions.

Template Engine

The PHP layout engine is a suitable method of yielding PHP in your HTML, not utilizing PHP coding and labels. It is used to forward HTML the factors you need to show, then HTML shows this information.


Laravel is offering its template engine in ready-to-use form. Developers can directly use them to enhance the website capabilities and improve interactions and performance of useful applications.


CodeIgniter is not providing a ready-to-use template engine. If developers are interested in leveling their website interaction and performance, they may integrate robust template engines. Integration of CodeIgniter framework and template engine are participating in improving the familiar works like Laravel.


Routing is the procedure of picking the best path against many networks. In a web-based application, routing is playing the role of transportation and is key to any business growth. Let’s see who is best in routing ‘Laravel Vs. CodeIgniter’.


Laravel is giving routing options for confirmed transactions. Laravel not only sends routing proposals but also makes sure the best route. Developers are free to use Laravel routing because the reverse routing option is also available in Laravel.


CodeIgniter is also offering advanced routing. Implicit and explicit routing options are available in CodeIgniter. Developers can freely use any route to deliver their services and transactions.


The database is the prominent bone of any stable website. When we talk about Laravel and CodeIgniter database offers, it is quite impressive that both frameworks are giving advanced database options.


The database help is in the form of MySQL, ORACLE, DB2, and PostgreSQL. On the other side, Laravel also offers Eloquent ORM that allows the developers to interact with different databases inefficiently. These open integration options are suitable for direct connections and help execute a similar task by utilizing models.


CodeIgniter is also giving database opportunities in Microsoft Bi, Orient Db, JDBC, MongoDB. In other words, CodeIgniter is offering well-managed and well-reputed databases for stable web development.

2: Maturity and Reputation

GitHub manages the source code of Laravel, and Laravel is ready to use under some strategies like MIT license. Laravel inventors apply proper checks and balances to maintain their reputation and give opportunities to develop advanced web applications. On the other hand, when we talk about mature web application development, the first framework that comes to mind is CodeIgniter. Laravel is good in reputation, but CodeIgniter is best from a maturity perspective.

3: Society’s Support

CodeIgniter and Laravel both have the same PHP basis, and both are working as open-source for web application development. On the other side of reality, both platforms are equally popular in their communities. And both frameworks have active supporters to make advancements, but the sensitive point that makes a difference between Laravel and CodeIgniter’s community is quick solutions. The Laravel community is an expert to give quick solutions to complex problems.

4: Advancement and learning Opportunities

Genuinely CodeIgniter and Laravel are both experts in their community, but Laravel is few steps higher than CodeIgniter in advancement. The reason behind Laravel’s advancement is updated tools and features. Developers are warmly welcome to use new Laravel features for flexible and quick development. But at the same time, these quick Laravel updates are a little bit hard to adjust by initial-level developers. 

In other words, Laravel needs some concentration to understand the functionalities of tools and features. If we talk about CodeIgniter’s advancement and learning curve, it’s pretty good because initial-level developers can easily interact with the framework and quickly start development according to project nature.

Pros of Laravel Framework

Laravel Template:

Laravel is offering lightweight and well-managed templates that ensure stable development. Developers can freely design unique layouts on these templates, and these templates demand simple JS and CSS coding for advanced application development. Developers can even divide their layout into different chunks and easily use PHP for specific functionalities. After completing all the modules, it’s straightforward to attach them for application completion.

Laravel Libraries: 

One of the most significant points before any framework selection, here in Laravel, developers can quickly call any library according to application requirements. Laravel is offering Object-oriented libraries; PHP is not offering these libraries on any other framework. 

These frameworks offer different luxury features, including encryption, CSRF insurance, security, and watchword reset. On the other side, these libraries play a remarkable role in responses (sending back HTTP responses) and increasing application views. All these libraries are not only essential for stable development but also contribute to mature development.


Security is the central hub of development because every company demands stable and secure web applications for long-term comfort. Every brand’s owner prefers to implement authentic and authorized systems to secure their resources. By considering all the security demands of developers and end-users, Laravel is offering well-equipped configuration services. These services not only ensure the inner development securities but also keep an eye on unauthorized users.

Message and Mail Service 

No doubt, every web application needs to grow its viewers and subscribers, and it is only possible when you alarm your targeted audience. To knock on the audience’s door, Laravel is offering the services of messages and emails in the form of notifications. Developers can add the SMTP, Mailgun, and SparkPost features in their web applications using the PHP ‘mail’ tool.

MVC Architecture:

The model view controller is one of the most inspiring features for advanced development. Laravel is offering MVC with good performance; developers can easily change and modify their code. On the other side, you can even make timely updates in specific templates without disturbing the other pages and layouts.


Laravel is offering a testing module that always runs inside the frame. When any developers start a coding process, this testing module starts its work and checks every bit of code for the error-free application. Developers and customers don’t need to check the complete project for bug-free implementation. Laravel’s testing module continuously checks the complete application, and in the end, developers quickly move towards project delivery.

Pros of CodeIgniter Framework


CodeIgniter is offering many attractive features, but authentic and beneficial libraries are keys to advance development. Anything you want for development is available in these libraries like calendar, mailing features, functions for application growth, etc. CodeIgniter is also giving MVC framework the opportunity; developers can quickly achieve different features, including file handling, cookies, data entry, and directions. Many hidden features of these libraries are participating in long-term application stability.

CodeIgniter Supporters

Its community knows every framework; if any framework has a massive community of active supporters, it quickly becomes the ideal development choice. CodeIgniter has an expert community that always participates in finding out the simple solution against complex applications. According to research, thousands of active users are available for CodeIgniter advancement and support. As compared to other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter has 10% more expert community and documentation for easy development.

No Server Requirements 

CodeIgniter doesn’t need any server to run its applications. CodeIgniter is working as a PH4 and PHP5, and application usage without server demands is one of the most inspiring features for developers and companies.

Data Management 

CodeIgniter is offering the features of CURD including data updates, create and delete by using a database layer. Developers don’t need to spend a lot of time on data management and simply use the features and tools for automatic database management. CodeIgniter offers many databases, including MYSQL, MS SQL, and ODBC. On the other hand, developers can even create a new table, delete specific tables, and pay update features using database libraries. Long story short, CodeIgniter is offering well-managed and reputed database management services for all small- and large-scale applications.


To meet the client’s expectations, CodeIgniter is offering robust security protocols for unauthorized access. Information of any end-users is saved in the database, and no user can see any other user’s details. CodeIgniter security measures include cookie encryption, SQL queries, and many more data handling features.

CodeIgniter Vs Laravel Who is the best?

Laravel and CodeIgniter both are well-reputed PHP frameworks that you can use for advanced web apps development. When you compare CodeIgniter and Laravel, Laravel is a little bit difficult for the programmers according to the learning perspective. But at the same time, Laravel offers you a portion of the extra tools and features that ensure your web application’s stability. On the other side, CodeIgniter is not tricky. Even initial-level developers can also develop advanced applications. But CodeIgniter is the ideal pick in those cases where you don’t need any additional tools and smart features.


According to research,117,809 well-reputed web applications are running, and all are based on CodeIgniter and significantly used in India, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, and the other 39 countries.


According to Laravel research, 132,687 web applications are running on Laravel. The countries that prefer Laravel development are Brazil, Russia, America, the UK, and other 110 nations.