5 Untold Web Design Secrets Revealed (Part 2)

Unveil the hidden potential of web design secrets! Knowing these secrets can make a big difference in your website’s success in a competitive online world. Explore the significance of easy-to-use layouts, simple navigation, and attractive visuals. Discover how using colors and fonts strategically affects visitor actions with the best web design secrets. Learn responsive design for smooth experiences on all devices. Embrace these web design secrets to boost your online presence and outshine your competitors.

Role of Graphic Designers in Web Design

When developers and graphic designers are working on a website they are so engaged in the product or service that it gets tough for them to perceive and examine every possible user experience issue. Here tracking comes in handy. It enables you to gain a wealth of information and draw educated conclusions, which is critical in helping you detect your users’ needs and wants.

If you are still failing to attract relevant users, then there is certainly something not working efficiently for you or your users might be experiencing other issues. With testing and tracking your web design, you can recapitulate and make the changes that are necessary to improve the user experience. Most of all, you should be willing to look beyond the research and aesthetics.


Sometimes designers get so hyper about improving a web design that they make themselves believe as if they have improved it. To evade such a situation, designers must allocate one or two hours each week to dig deep into data, so they can informed changes and decisions.

4: Seek Outside Opinion or Advice

Seeking outside opinion or advice is another way to resolve web design issues.

Allowing someone who isn’t a part of your project to see your work will give you a fresh view of your website that you may not have gotten otherwise. You can gain advice from different people, such as fellow designers, stakeholders, and or employees who haven’t seen your project before.

While gaining an outside opinion is always well-received, make sure to test it to uncover whether it works. When it comes to testing there is no better option to test your UX than user testing. There are numerous ways to user test, A/B testing with analytics software such as Google Analytics, or see how they use your website.

However, seeking outside opinion doesn’t mean that you have to agree to everything they say. Furthermore, if the same thing is highlighted by different users, then it is highly likely there is a graving issue. At the end of the day, it’s you who has to determine what’s best for your site.


The ideal way to collect user feedback is via services like Invision, or simply open up a channel to get your fellow designers’ take on it.

5: Storytelling Makes Things Easier

Want to make difficult concepts easier?

Tell your users a story. Storytelling enables your users to comprehend and remember complex ideas without any trouble. This way, your brand will not only be able to describe users’ needs and scenarios, but also be able to emotionally connect with them, which will further engross them in your site.

Businesses can learn a lot from companies like Graze which has effectively used storytelling for branding. The official website of Graze clearly explains to its users what exactly they proffer and how they have humanized their site to enhance user experience.

The best part about storytelling is it empowers you to understand your users closely. Think of it this way, to serve a customer well, you need to know him or her well. Meaning, that the more info/stories you have on a customer the better you will comprehend them. In brief, the more you will learn the better you will adapt when you are selling to users.

You can also use storytelling during testing. It will acquaint you with different user experiences to have an exact idea of who they are, and what they have understood and learned. Having such knowledge will only help you make better decisions that in turn will improve the site performance.


Do not hesitate to accept user behavior and feedback. Leverage tools like Mixpanel and Intercom to explore this course and let the outcome decide future needs and iterations.

It’s a web development company’s job to carefully outline the requirements and elaborate the details. So if you are looking to create a superlative user experience, then opt for a professional graphic designing company in HK such as VirtueNetz that can deliver results.

Final Words

To sum up, exploring web design secrets can bring big rewards for businesses and individuals. By discovering these hidden techniques, you can increase conversions and succeed online. The key is to use strong strategies that focus on Seek Outside Opinions or Advice, Storytelling Makes Things Easier for visitors.

In “Untold Web Design Secrets,” web design plays a crucial role by discovering and sharing the hidden rules and methods for creating successful and impressive websites. It reveals techniques that improve user experience, design, and how the website works, helping designers make extraordinary sites that attract and engage people.

Embracing these untold secrets can make your website stand out, attracting and keeping more customers. As the digital world changes, staying updated on these secrets will help designers create compelling websites that drive business growth and leave a long impact on users.