Why You Should Choose WordPress?

Today the use of a WordPress site is common. Often people ask: Why should we use WordPress? Isn’t our old site good enough? If you are asking the same question then you are at the right place.

We have gathered some very good reasons why you should setup a website using WordPress.

People normally think that the WordPress is used to do mainly blogging however they make a mistake here because WordPress is flexible enough for just about anything, although that used to be true in the past. That’s the main reason now why WordPress has grown so much over the past few years. According to a recent survey, WordPress powers over 22.5% of all websites on the internet.

The Free Software:

Yes that’s true! WordPress is free software which you can easily download and install to create any kind of website. The beauty of the WordPress is that the source code is open to anyone to study and play with. On top of that you will find thousands of free themes and plugins to use on your website!

Because it is open source, WordPress is a community software that is available for anyone to use and contribute. It is mostly maintained by a large number of volunteers who write patches, answer technical questions, and create themes and documentation.

Easy to use and learn:

It comes with an admin control panel that makes an easy process to manage the whole website. Today almost every day new people are joining WordPress system and setting up their websites. It doesn’t require any technical or programming skills. You can change colours, upload logo, images, change background, create sliders and do several other things. That is why it’s been the most desired website software for beginners.

Use of Themes and Plugins:

There are plenty of free themes and plugins available which help you to give any kind of look to your website. The installation of theme comes with a complete documentation so it doesn’t require you to go through technical aspects. The WordPress themes are flexible and easy to customize as per own requirements.

Google Friendly:

The WordPress software is written using high standard codes and compliance that makes your site attractive to search engines, although the WordPress design is SEO friendly. In addition to that you can use SEO plugins available in the WordPress plugins section to make it more smart and appealing to the search engines.

WordPress is secure:

WordPress is completely safe and secure. There are a number of plugins available that make WordPress sites more secure and reliable to the end users. You can even lock your WordPress while working on the development of your site.

 Media Files:

WordPress doesn’t only handle text based sites but also you can add any kind of media files. Doesn’t it look amazing?

By default WordPress allows you to embed various social media files like YouTube videos, Sound cloud audio, Instagram photos and even you can get your visitors to add videos in the comments.