Why You Should Choose Magento For ECommerce

Are you looking to setup an online store and confused what platform should you choose? You are at the right place then.

Today, Magento is one of the best options when it comes to choosing a platform for setting up an online store. If you are not selling online then the chances are high that your store will remain unidentified.

Magento is an open source PHP and MySQL platform with an easy to learn and user-friendly to cope. It was created back in 2007 by the team that loved to work on osCommerce system.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Magento as your online store:

User Friendly:

We understand Magento is a bit complex but it is not complicated to you and your clients. It gives an immense online shopping pleasure because the interface on both front end as well as back end is highly flexible and easy to use

Strong Platform:

The Magento platform is highly robust and it offers you an extremely up to date online store experience. It gives you an enterprise level platform, regularly secured and enhanced


As you know an online store helps you reach a wide range of audience worldwide and you will be pleased to know that Magento makes the internationalization concept much easier because you can add any currency and it manages it with automatic daily exchange rates, multiple languages and even translations

Catalogue Management:

This is one of the great features Magento has today. It can flawlessly run multiple stores from the same back end system that makes you sell items in several stores and keep your inventory system, payments, and invoices under one roof

Outstanding Functionality:

As soon you install Magento, you get the ability to select famous shipping methods such as FedEx, UPS and top payment methods like PayPal and Credit cards etc.

Integration Flexibility:

Maybe you want to use a separate invoicing or inventory system while considering Magento. No problem at all because you easily integrate its database with plenty of modules available in the market.

 Design and Themes

You have plenty of options to choose any theme to match with the design of your products, pages or any particular event. They are available online for free and paid. In addition you can create your own theme as well and use under Magento because of its flexibility.

Hardware Resources:

As you now understand that Magento handles almost every aspect of an online store and because of its robust and complex construction, it requires more hardware resources that are required to host a Magento site. Although it will work on a shared hosting but once you start adding up products and filling up your online store, you will probably experience slow response from the website. Therefore it is recommended to host a Magento store on a VPS (virtual private server) that offers dedicated amount of hardware resources like CPU power and Memory


We can conclude that Magento is one of the best open source platforms available today. If you are serious about setting up your online shop and taking your business at peak then Magento will be your good choice to start with.

We can certainly help you how to get setup from scratch and grow your online store in search engines.