Why Understanding User Behavior Is Necessary To Enhance Website Experience?

User experience reflects how an individual feels when he or she uses a website. This includes factors like load time, usability, navigation, aesthetics, ergonomics, content, and overall interaction. That’s why when businesses look to create e-commerce platforms they aim to come up with the most effective web designs that can deliver good Website Experience.

But to deliver an exceptional user experience, first, you need to comprehend your user behavior. WHY? It will help you decipher why your users do what they do on your site. So how you can understand your users’ behavior?

Hiring a professional web Design & Development Agency is one way to resolve this problem if you are not technically savvy. In case, you are technically proficient, then there are three ways to comprehend user behavior:

  1. Analytics
  2. Customer support
  3. Usability testing

By combining all of them, you can find out how to enhance your website user experience.

Significant Parts of User Experience

Every user experience entails the following parts:


The person who uses your website


A collection of one or more web pages that can be accessed through the internet.


Both you and your visitors.

Looks simple right? But, there is a hitch. You can never understand these parts by employing just one tool, be it analytics, customer support, or usability testing.

Website Experience Using Just One Part: Pros & Cons

Analytics tells you how your users are using your site, but it won’t reveal your visitors’ goals. So you don’t have an idea what exactly motivates them to buy from you. As some are accessing your site to gain information, some to buy your products or services, while others are just glancing. Just the way people usually access prominent e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay.

To determine your users’ goals, you have to chat with them and there is no better medium for interaction than Customer Support. Your support channel can aid you in finding out their goals (problems, queries, etc.).

But, it won’t tell you how the users are using your site. Some may share their screens with your support staff, but it won’t tell you much about their actual experience.

Good Website Experience Requires Effective User Experience

To observe actual user experience, you have to conduct usability tests. These tests will explain the user experiences to you while visitors are trying to attain the goals on your site. It will bridge the gap between customer support and analytics by allowing you to administrate your users’ goals and guide them to do what exactly you want them to do on your site.

Employ All Three Tools to Attain Success

Each method or tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. To attain success, your business must employ all three tools and create an excellent user experience. Analytics will measure and identify various patterns and trends among users to give you the real picture of the most significant user behaviors.

While support allows you to interact with your customers and understand their goals. For instance, how they rate your service etc. so you can create a design that can resonate with their thoughts.

Usability tests will allow you to gauge how people are using your site. Hear their views and discern why and what they do on your site. So you can create a web design without speculating about their goals. Else, you’ll be drawn wrong conclusions and ignore the most important aspects of user experience.


In light of the aforementioned facts, it is absolutely clear that a business can never enhance its website user experience without developing an understanding of user behavior. Comprehending it is also vital because it puts companies in the driving seat and empowers them to improve their bottom line by observing the thoughts and views of the target market. Most of all, enhanced user experience encourages website visitors to recommend a business to their friends and family members.