Top Web Development Trends For 2016 (Part 2)

Rage of Ghost Buttons

Besides parallax scrolling and grid designs, we will also see the fury of ghost buttons in 2016 and that too for a good reason. They are translucent which allows them to enhance user experience without distorting the image behind. Furthermore, ghost buttons enables users to immerse themselves in the site rather creating distraction or screaming loudly to be clicked.

It is why ghost buttons are outlined as an essential component that ideally complements the design aside from improving the visitor experience. Additionally, they further refine the design by improving its aesthetics. On top of all, they usually go well with the flat designs.

So those who are looking to create a simple web design, ghost buttons are perfect fit for them. They let important images to step forward and gain visitors attention. This unique feature allows them to serve their purpose by achieving the actual objective.

Hero Images to Save the Day

With hero images you can make a bold and visually pleasing statement. This image is more like a headline of the webpage because it truly says thousand words. In fact, it is the idea behind using the hero image. Generally, web developers use such images at the top of the fold with clickable items following in grid-like pattern, but that’s just one layout. You can play with it to explore new opportunities and make a mark for yourself in the design world.

The key to using hero image is it should be nice-looking and extremely good at conveying the brand message. At the same time, it needs to fit well with the overall theme of the web page. Those who are of the view that a hero image slows the load time of a web are absolutely wrong. The data compression doesn’t allow them to consume much bandwidth. So don’t be shy to use hero images in your web pages.

Inforgraphics to Boost Interaction

Numerous studies have repeatedly showed that infographics are the best way to convey information to online users. The reason being is infographics very engaging. Since they are visually appealing, easy to comprehend and transmit the required information as well. Thus, it’s better to use infographic rather than listing a handful of stats in a web page.

No doubt, its way more appealing to visitors, but inforgraphic has also evolved with the passage of time. This year, infographics will be more engaging than ever before as users will get to see some clickable items and even small animations in them. This will make infographics more exciting and fascinating.