Top 20 Companies Who Hired Outsourced Development

Did you know that outsourced web development service has helped several startups build their successful businesses today? We understand it requires working efficiently with quality to start any venture and you need to ensure that you have the right resources in the right place.

It’s up to your ability if you can get this going in-house. We understand that you might have limited assets and funds to hire talented or skilled resources but there is an alternative approach that you can use to get the ball rolling and go through the startup phase easily.

Here are the top 20 successful companies globally who have opted an outsourced website development strategy to launch their esteemed organizations.

AlertBoot: They decided to outsource their infrastructure –as-a-service (iaas) and used cloud hosting give boost to those areas of development.

Github: The organization has utilized various individuals who finished development work for all intents and purposes from home.

Branchout: This is one of the prominent apps that were developed completely with outsourced development services. Serving as an organization that offers outsourced ability and consultants for different associations, used the same model to develop from a start-up into an all inclusive fruitful business.

Klout: To get its innovation in the appropriate spot before dispatch, Klout depended on numerous outsourced engineers to ensure the best quality service to offer publicly.

Skype: Yes that’s true, Skype utilized a group of engineers to help them work out their business and ensure error free communication solution.

Fab: This expansive startup joined forces with engineers in India to expand financing while scaling up when their business hinted at development.

MYSQL: From the beginning, the organization accepted and demonstrated the achievement of a development technique that included utilizing the most part of outsourced staff as a part of different nations to increase operations in every area and to offer MYSQL quality database management.

SeatGeek: This organization found a significant money saving advantage to outsourcing particular errands to ability in different nations. That helped them manufacture their foundation quicker at less cost than contracting in-house staff.

Splunk: This organization, known for inquiry and investigation of information, has utilized outsourced offices to discover the ability that quickly built up their framework and arrangement.

Opera: This is a well known web browser who depended on designers from different nations to make and execute the functionality of this browser worldwide.

Pingar: While building up itself in its industry, Pingar hired outsourced web developers to build up its business.

Axeda: The organization depended on web designers to make the product and stage to offer its cloud-based arrangement.

Solix: Yes, even technology outsource organizations have utilized offshore web resources to make its base..

Cloudmunch: The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company hired an Indian outsource company to bring talent it required to begin its operations.

Gliffy: This electronic charting instruments organization has swung to outsourcing for particular parts of its innovation improvement.

Mailburn: This is a great iPhone email client solution that was developed using an outsource company that assisted with a significant number of the specialized parts of the arrangement.

Squawker: Their solution was developed with the help of an outsourced software company who partnered with them to build their business.

Basecamp: The most famous project management system. The same routine of outsourcing worked for Basecamp as it formed itself into an innovation pioneer.

Mindspark:  This is one of the prominent mobile apps companies out there who utilized outsource developers to make its business and a large portion of its current applications.

We at VirtueNetz have helped numerous companies sitting at backend as an outsourced service provider to build their ventures and continuously maintained their systems.


How to make an eCommerce successful?

I believe this is how you should go

Web Design & Development – make sure your design is catchy and attractive as per your products. Also the functionality of website should be user friendly. There shouldn’t be any trouble for users.

Platform – Website should work in all major browsers as well as it should open fine in Smart Phones and Tablets. So responsive solution is very important now a days with desktop solution as more and more people are using smart phones and tablets now a days.

Ongoing Management/Support – Payment options should be as many as possible. Offer multiple shipping option, if you can offer FREE shipping then it will be great. Offer coupons/discounts to your customers. Provide online chat/support, deal inquiries in a quick time when you will start getting them. Return policy should be properly defined. Provide the quality service so you can get more customers.

OnSite SEO – Very important now a days in terms of Google. Make sure your website is SEO friendly. Use proper Keywords, URLs, H Tags, Alt Tags etc. Google for details if you don’t have any idea about it. Last but not least, quality content should be there on website.

Links Building – Build quality links for your website, post articles on quality websites. Also you should have a Blog on your website and keep posting and promoting your Blogs on regular basis. There are so many ways to do it which you can Google.

Social Media – Social media really changed the game now a days. It is very important to have a presence on all major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Offline Marketing – Mouth word is very important for any business i believe. Business Cards, Brochure are some cheap but affective ways to promote your eCommerce solution. If you have some budget then advertise it on Radio, Newspaper, Billboards and TV.

As per my experience, I believe all of the above mentioned are important for success of any eCommerce solution. You cannot ignore anything.