Website Maintenance

Don’t Leave Your Website Open To Threats

The internet is full of businesses such as yours. There are hundreds and thousands of other individuals who are targeting the same audience as yours. In this scenario, you cannot afford to allow your website to go down; after all it is the only way you are communicating with your audience.

Every website needs maintenance to keep things straight and alive. At VirtueNetz Hong Kong Company, we have a dedicated maintenance team to help you out when things get out of hand. Our team of professional IT engineers ensures that your website never goes down for even a single second. So whether you are running a small or large business, do not compromise on the maintenance of your website.

Setting up maintenance contract with us includes the following services:

  • Regular updates on website firmware
  • Adding or editing existing images
  • Creating new content
  • Editing existing content
  • Maintain backend functionality
  • Regular security checks
  • Maintenance/upgrade of Content Management Systems
  • Server backup for 24/7 website operation

Maintaining your website is crucial no matter what kind of business you own. With so many security threats today and the fear of the competition getting ahead of you, keeping your website alive and running has become more important than anything else.

If you think your website has grown too big to be maintained on your own, feel free to find out what maintenance solutions we offer by contacting us through the contact form.