Logo Design

Affordable, Handcrafted Logo Designs

At VirtueNetz Hong Kong Company, we create a well thought out and designed logo can leave something valuable we call a ‘mental imprint’ on your customers. This is why, for years corporations have never compromised on the design of their logo. After all it is your brand identity, it is something that helps you set apart from the swarm, it is something that allows your customers to immediately recognize your business no matter what you are selling.

At VirtueNetz, we work hard to create a logo design that best corresponds with your business identity. We create solutions that give you the power to influence your customers through your business. We give you a logo that others can take pride in.

Our logos are designed in the house using expertise of lead designers who work day and night to forge pieces of perfection through their art. Our logos are hand crafted from scratch without the use of stock images, so that you always get a unique identity.

If you are a business looking to improve your image through a logo, or want to completely redesign your image/outlook, we welcome you to try what our expert designers have to offer. The logos designed at VirtueNetz are designed with heart and effort to help you leave an image on both web and print media. So whether you are looking for a low resolution web solution or a high resolution print solution, we have everything covered.

Leave a bigger impact with animated logos

Logos are there to create a brand image for your business. If you think a static logo isn’t enough, we invite you to try working with us on a flash animated logo. These logos are hand crafted using creative designs and are then plugged into Macromedia Flash to bring them to life. The results are often quite remarkable when a logo starts to breathe life.

We highly recommend plugging a high resolution flash animated logo on your Flash powered website. These animated logos prove to be quite an effective tool to leave a memorable impact on your visitors.