Scientists Discover A Method For Making Unbreakable Display

A group of scientists at Akron University has achieved a breakthrough that could have a significant impact on the market, solving one of the biggest drawbacks present in all portable devices. We refer to the fragility of the display, now a vulnerability factor really substantial, given the number of devices that have (cameras, camcorders, smartphones, tablets, etc.). From time to study solutions to make the most resistant screens, but until now no technology has proven to be completely effective.

Researchers at Akron used a new method: combine a layer of transparent electrodes with a surface formed by polymers. At the time of the panels, the touchscreen is made normally with indium tin oxide, a material that tends to shatter when subjected to proper stresses. designed the new solution, however, would not only be cheaper to produce but would, according to scientists, the possibility of building screens essentially unbreakable. The layer of transparent electrodes, combined with the polymers on the surface, gives the whole strength and even flexibility in testing the coating was well folded 1,000 times without suffering any significant damage.

At present, the testing and development continue: there is no news about possible commercial use.

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