Microsoft: New Anti-Theft Measures For The Protection Of Windows Phone

Microsoft has officially announced today’s in important details on a series of measures that will be introduced to improve software security aspects of Windows Phone smartphones in the event of theft.

The “Find My Phone” Windows Phone, more specifically, will provide the appropriate functions for:

  • Remotely wipe personal data stored on your smartphone
  • Make your smartphone unusable by unauthorized users, who can only make emergency calls
  • Prevent reactivation or the setup of your smartphone without the permission of the authorized user
  • Reverse the system in case of recovery of smartphones and enable restoration of data stored in the cloud if your smartphone was deleted

It is, therefore, a series of important options that, in fact, make the device unusable in possession of the thief, allowing at the same time to restore the correct operation of the terminal in case of finding.

The features described above will be made available in the form of a software update intended for all smartphones running Windows Phone 8.