Landing Page For Business | Types Your Company Should Serve – Part 1

According to research, 62% of B2B businesses that use landing pages have six or fewer runners. One can easily guess what’s the primary thought is behind it. Additionally, most companies want their online visitors to focus on essential products and services only. For this reason, only 48 percent of marketers create a new landing page for business with each promotional campaign.

Furthermore, experts believe that the more landing page for business you create, the better it is for the company. Why? Because more landing pages will allow your site to generate more leads. Besides this, I still didn’t get it. Let me put it more plainly.

How Does a Landing Page For Business Work?

A landing page is a web page that creates to catch visitors’ attention and inspire them to take a particular action, like making a purchase, following a newsletter, or completing a form.

  • A user visits a landing page after clicking on an advertisement or link.
  • The landing page looks, usually with a clear focus and objective.
  • The landing page offers valuable and relevant information about the ad or link.
  • A call-to-action (CTA) that is clear and effective is prominently displayed, leading people to take the necessary action.
  • By deleting unnecessary links or navigation menus, the landing page lowers distractions.
  • Users get invited to take action, including buying something, completing a form, or joining up.
  • The landing page can offer a confirmation message or send users to a thank-you page.
  • To improve and raise conversion rates, marketers examine the landing page’s success. 

Each advertising campaign can be different since it might target people with other interests and demographics. So, how can you expect that one landing page for business will appeal to all types of people with different interests, demographics, and straddling across various age groups, genders, etc.?

Personalized Landing Page For Business 

Numerous studies have shown why personalized landing pages have worked wonders for companies.

  • An analysis revealed that businesses that increased their landing pages from 10 to 15 witnessed a 55% increase in leads.
  • Corporations with over 40 landing pages have seen 12 X more leads than those with five or fewer runners.

In addition, this infers that more landing page for business positively impacts lead generation. But here the question arises, what type of landing pages should a company create to generate more leads?

Interestingly VirtueNetz has explained different types of landing page for business below. Pick the one that best meets your marketing campaign goals and business objectives.

Landing Page for Collecting User Information:

The title suggests the motive behind creating this type of landing page. Ideally, these pages have just one button allowing users to submit their information before moving on to the next page.

Consequently, it makes them a perfect choice for companies looking to create a buzz about a product landing page or service through webinars. Use them to gather webinar registrations. As a result, all you need to do is to create a compelling headline. And share the details of your webinar on the new landing page for business.

Here is one example:

‘Web Development: Your Competitors are Going Mobile. Are You? Hence, this live training will show you how a mobile-friendly site can generate more sales leads.’ If you are not too keen to organize a webinar, you can still use this type of landing page for business to your advantage.

How? Further, offer your customers a 30-day free trial or resource in exchange for their personal information. BuzzSumo and Vertical Response are two prime examples that offer users a free trial if they are willing to trade their details.

However, only a few form fields lead to conversions. Still, they can prove immensely helpful in generating qualified leads. But if you want to up your game, here is another idea. A graphic design agency can use this type of landing page for business to produce solid leads. For instance, the company can offer free graphic design services through advertisement.

In addition, once a potential buyer clicks on its ad, it will intentionally divert him to a landing page for business that has multiple questions required to answer. Further, this will enable the firm to focus only on prospects that answers all or most of the questions because they are highly likely to convert.

Landing Page for Publicizing the Next Edition of an Event:

Each year we get to see companies organize big conferences or webinars. To promote these events, they market their sales pages on social media sites and in guest posts. Create an event landing page that looks stunning and unique. 

But what happens to these publicized links once their events end? Besides this, these links will stay there, so why not use this opportunity to inform the new or next edition of the event? Hence, an event landing page is vital for your website. 

Here’s what you can alter them:

‘The 2015 Event Was a Huge Success. Here is What’s Coming Your Way This Year.’

To Be Continued…

Landing Pages For Leads Capturing:

A landing page for lead capture is a website created directly to gather contact information from site visitors. It is usually through the submission of a form. It is essential for businesses since it enables them to collect vital client data and possible leads. 

Moreover, valid lead generation, relationship building, personalized marketing efforts, higher conversion rates, and focused follow-up communication are advantages of a lead capture landing page for business. Besides this, effective client engagement, data collection, and, finally, sales and company growth are all made possible by this.

Get Started Landing Page:

A website page that pushes visitors to start using a product landing page or service is known as a “Get Started” landing page. Businesses should consider it since it makes user integration and conversion easier. Additionally,  a “Get Started” landing page for business has several advantages. It includes helping consumers through the first stages of using a product landing page or service.

Moreover, it reduces friction during the onboarding process, boosts user engagement and retention, and speeds up time-to-value. Businesses can offer a seamless and user-friendly experience, which results in happy customers and long-term success.

Long-form Sales Landing Page:

A website page that offers in-depth details about a good or service sometimes uses a lengthy format known as a long-form sales landing page for business. Further, companies need it because it enables them to inform and influence potential customers effectively. 

A long-form sales landing page has the advantages of giving thorough information, solving issues, fostering trust, offering approval, stressing benefits and features, and boosting conversions. Moreover,  It enables businesses to express the value and remove client delays, resulting in higher sales and revenue.

About Us Landing Page:

A web page designed to provide details about a company’s mission, beliefs, team, and history is known as an “about us” landing page. It is crucial for businesses because it builds a relationship with the target market and develops credibility and trust. 

An “About Us” landing page can help relate to the brand, show expertise and experience, convey the company’s unique story, improve brand perception, and foster client loyalty. Additionally, businesses can stand out from the competition and make an excellent first impression, which increases customer loyalty and trust.

The advantages of a pricing landing page include the following:

  • Displaying prices or options.
  • Outlining features and benefits.
  • Showing value for money.
  • Reducing customer confusion.
  • Allowing an easy buying process. 

A pricing landing page is a web page. It explicitly presents pricing information for product landing pages or services. In addition, it is vital for businesses as it provides honesty and aids potential customers in making informed purchasing decisions.


It’s essential to think about different landing page types that can be used for other goals when it comes to your business. Building a customer database and creating quality leads are both assisted by lead-capture landing pages. Landing page for business that helps users get started to make them stay longer. 

Long-form sales landing pages offer comprehensive information to entice potential consumers. About Us landing pages build authority and encourage engagement with the audience. Besides this, pricing landing pages inspire clarity and support wise purchasing choices. Businesses may improve their online presence, increase conversions, and promote client loyalty by utilizing such tactics effectively.