Top Web Development Trends For 2016 (Part 1)

Web development and designing is changing at the speed of technology. To keep pace with the rapidly changing technology, it is essential for developers to acquaint themselves with the latest trends and see what new changes 2016 will bring in the industry.

  • Integration of Grids

We exist in digital age where people have mastered the art of using technology. With every passing day the number of online shoppers is increasing, whereas proliferation of mobile devices has allowed kids and grown-ups to search nearly everything online. Unfortunately, this has greatly decreased our patience.

Consequently, web visitors are no longer willing to access slow websites. Moreover, they do not want to browse through a site to learn about a business. To negate this problem, designers have started integrating grid design in the layouts. Grid is just the thing a modern day designer may have wished for to keep the visitors on a page.

Grids make navigation simple and web design more appealing. It brings a sense of rhythm by proportioning and balancing the design. In turn it becomes fairly easy for visitors to naturally move their eyes around the pages. It is exactly the kind of solution that you require to create a good first impression in those first few seconds.

  • Parallax Scrolling to Rise

Do you know what else cuts down the user experience besides slow load time? It’s scrolling. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The reason being is majority of the visitors use the scroll button on the web pages to slide them up and down. Often they find it really irritating to get the scroll bar in the exact position where the interesting content resides.

To fix this issue, web developers have taken cue from mobile phone experience that has enabled users to scroll with their thumb. Now they are bringing this intriguing feature into web development. As a result, the new sites will allow users to scroll with a simple gesture rather clicking all over the site.

This new functionality is called parallax scrolling. In addition to making the scrolling easy, parallax will also allow designers to have fewer and bigger buttons on the pages. This feature will also morph those irritating slideshows of content into one scrolling list.

Owing to these functionalities, parallax scrolling adds more depth to the sites and increase browsers interest. This makes parallax scrolling a rising norm in 2016 and an essential for web developers.

To be continued….