20 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate of a Website in 2016

Gaining traffic to your website is awesome but taking advantage of that is also important instead losing out those visitors. So improving conversion rates of your website is extremely critical. Sometimes a little change to your website can prompt remarkable change in conversion rates and if you combine several small and big tweaks then it can really bring significant change in your results.

Being a Hong Kong’s website design company, our team at VirtueNetz have researched a few great ways that can help increase conversion rates of your website and convince people to take action whether it’s filling out an enquiry form or making a purchase directly from your website.

Avoid Too Many Web Design Options

When people are given too many options on a website then it creates confusion for them and they face difficulty choosing a particular product or service. You need to offer clear picture of your products so they can quickly make a decision while sitting on your website. It is also good to tell people your recommended or mostly sold item with a few good reviews so they can be fast in making a quick purchase and giving you a good amount of conversion rates.

Information is the Key

We have noticed that a common mistake people make in websites is that they don’t provide enough information of the particular product or service they try to sell. People prefer to see more images and videos so they can quickly decide whether to purchase or not. A lot of text based content is also not good as most of the people don’t want to read too much information. Let’s take an example of Amazon and eBay. They provide a lot of content of most products they sell and this is one of the reasons they sell millions of things online. You need to communicate the value of the products or services you sell along with the price so they can easily judge the worth.

Contact Info

Make sure you include contact information for people to get in touch with you as it builds trust and confidence. Your location address should be properly explained so they can reach you if they want.

Discount Coupons and Incentives

It is good to offer some discount bonuses at the checkout stage i.e. free shipping or certain percentage off. It builds interest in people and they do come back for their next purchase.

Backup with Proof

We understand you would be claiming too much but at the same time you need to back it up whatever you say. People don’t normally take your words but also they want to see some evidence so offer customer testimonials, some case studies and reviews on your website.

Remove Diversion

It is one of the major factors of a website. If you want people to focus on a single product then remove other irrelevant information so people don’t get distracted from the main goal you want to achieve. For example on your landing page, you can minimize information and prompt only the particular product or service you actually want to sell. The more action options you offer to your visitors the less they are to make a decision.

Web Service Guarantees

People love price matching and money back guarantees as it gives them a confidence that if your product or service doesn’t satisfy their needs, they can always have their paid money back. So they think of win-win situation. At the same time it builds their trust on your company and they revert to you for their next choice.

High Quality Images

Use high quality images on your website. Try to choose some paid stock photos from famous websites like ThemeForest, iStockPhoto etc.  Photos of happy and smiling faces create more conversion rate. Use more images and videos compared to the text as it gives them a quick decision making option.

Use Buttons in Web Design

Use more buttons than long phrased links and instead include a hyper link behind the button so whenever they click on that it redirects them over to the desired link. If someone is viewing your website on a mobile device then buttons play an important role as it allows them to quickly read information and take an appropriate action.

Single Column Web Layout

Try to use single column layout instead of double as it increase conversion rates of websites. At the bottom of the page, use ‘back to top’ button and on every page use ‘back to home’ buttons..

Use Personal Photo

That’s okay you can use personal photo in somewhere on your website to give people an impression that there is a real person behind the business.

Testimonials and Reviews

Use testimonials and reviews of customers on your website. You can sign up on a website called TrustPilot and ask your customers to give you rating and post a review that you can easily integrate to your website.

Focus on Benefits of Your Products

You need to be clear about the benefits of your products. It is good to list out features but some people don’t understand technical terms and rather want to know the end results or benefits of the particular product.

Strong Action Verbs

Use strong call to action verbs so people can feel a real experience by clicking on the particular button or link. You can try words like ‘Get it now’, ‘Grab it now’ etc

Headline Matters

Be careful when writing a headline of your landing page or website’s home page. It should be interesting and catchy.

 Use Videos

If you are selling products online then it will be good to post video information and some video guides so people can easily understand what your products exactly offer. It will help them quickly adopt benefits and make a purchase.

Attractive Landing Pages

Create exclusive landing pages of a particular product or service that you can use for a SEO purpose i.e. pay-per-click ads and AdWords so people can directly land to the page that you are actually trying to market.

Social Media Followers

It is good to explain the amount of the followers or counts you have on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus so they know the numbers of people trust in your brand.

Related Products

When someone is viewing a particular product on your website then it is suggested to show some more but related products so they may take interest in those as well.

Tangible Products

If you are selling tangible products online then it is good to show them some stock numbers so they know how many are left or in stock. This action will make them decide promptly and ultimately will give your website a good conversion rate.

5 Reasons to Use WordPress to Redesign Your Small Business Website

WordPress is a popular platform that gives you a great back end system for your website which is compliant to web standards giving an edge being a seo friendly website. This is commonly known as a Content Management System that enables you easily update content of your website from anywhere at any time. If you are spending too much time and bearing high cost getting your website updated then you should look for a WordPress quick solution to redesign your website. This option will allow you to manage all the important areas of your website without incurring further costs. Isn’t that amazing?

Here at VirtueNetz, we understand when it comes to designing and developing a website, the vast majority of those small entrepreneurs think they can’t have all the attractive features that bigger organizations have but that’s not true. Here are some amazing reasons why you should consider WordPress development to redesign your website.

WordPress is a Free and Open Source Software

One of the most important factors is that it is a free and open source platform. Open source means that any developer can contribute to the plugins, themes and updates of the software. The framework is continually enhancing and improving, and another expansion doesn’t cost you a penny. You can take benefit from these upgrades without paying for them.

Website Safety and Security Updates

WordPress always keep itself updated for all the safety and security measures. Quick updates mean that you can be certain your website is always up to date. WordPress does everything for you as compared to the other Content Management Systems where you have to manually check for the updates. You can concentrate on other things of your business keeping in mind that your website will automatically update by the time and will become more secure and strong to defend new threats.

Your Website Will Work as a Blog

Blogging is something that has a very important role in today’s web world. One of the advantages of the WordPress content management system is that you can use built-in blog for your website. So if you are using third party software to do blogging then it will no longer be an issue for you. A blog is the best approach to persistently add new substance to your website and stay up with the latest with your business.

SEO Friendly Web Platform

WordPress is a SEO friendly platform and is more searchable by Google and other search engines. One of the most prominent SEO plugins is Yoast that gives a comprehensive step by step process how the content of your website gets crawled and rank using the focus keyword.

Standard Coding for all Web Developers

If you want to update your website on a regular basis then WordPress is the best solution because any specific coding it uses is almost standard for all developers i.e anyone can change it easily. So even if you change your developer in future, the website will no longer be complicated for the new person. One reason WordPress is so incredible is that it has become such a mainstream decision any web engineer knows how to code for it. At whatever point an issue appears that you can’t settle, or you choose to upgrade your site’s look, any engineer will have the capacity to sort this out.


After learning the above points, we can conclude that WordPress content management system is a great tool to redesign a website. Being a Hong Kong web design company, we have created plenty of solutions for the companies that are successful today and there are several projects that have been referred to us to maintain the development.

4 Best Ways Web Design Aids Businesses Nurture Brand Loyalty

Nurturing brand loyalty is the top priority for any business online, be it a small medium firm or a large corporation. Sadly, most of the businesses are still missing the opportunity to leverage their website as a tool to retain existing user base and nurture loyalty.

Whether you are using your website to sell products/services or generate sales leads, the world-wide-web can prove extremely profitable to get more out of an existing user base.

And, when it comes to designing a website, business owners must bear in mind how a site could be leveraged to encourage clients to keep coming back for repeat business.

Here VirtueNetz.com, we have aligned 4 different web designs that can aid your company to build customer and brand loyalty for longer period of time.

i: Branding With Responsive Web Design

In this era where mobile has become a necessity for many, nothing can prove more frustrating for a customer than to realize that their favorite business’s website do not work properly on tablets and smartphones. What a Loss!

Modern world customers have great expectations from businesses and they really want their websites to have responsive designs so they can work smoothly on nearly any device, be it a 4K monitor or Apple’s iPhone.

Besides scaring off your new customers, a site that is not responsive could also sway returning customers to review their purchasing decision and consider other options.

To gain success it is critical for businesses to make their website design fully responsive, and seo friendly so their existing customers won’t have to think twice while purchasing from them and it’s easily accessible.

ii: Proffer Tangible Value

In order to encourage customer loyalty, corporations have to ensure their website design proffers meaningful value to the clients that can give them a reason to return. The best example of tangible value a website could offer are routine promotions, client dashboard and video tutorials.

These offerings would compel your former customers to return to your site and use these resources several times. And, every time a customer revisits your site, it increases the possibility that they may end up buying from your e-store.

iii: Acquiring Client-to-Client Referrals

Acquiring customers may not be that difficult for a corporation, but turning them into loyal customers is certainly a tough ask. However, it’s not something that cannot be accomplished. With client-to-client referrals and networking, you can earn a loyal customer base.

But, you would be wondering what it has to do with web designing. Right?

A well-design and developed website makes your regular customers feel more comfortable, especially when they are looking to share its link with a friend. On the contrary, many online businesses strive to boost their network-driven growth in today’s marketplace where competition is more fierce than ever before.

The key reason behind it is a lot of the businesses have basic or poorly designed websites that fails to please customers and subsequently dejects them to refer it to others.

The main aim of the online business owners should be to develop a web design with assistance of a professional web designing company that can facilitate referrals. Ensure that your contact and home pages express all the strong point of your business to earn maximum return on investment through networking.

iv: Include Social Media Buttons in Web Design

Satisfied customers are more likely to share your content with others because they had a positive experience with your company. Engage these customers through social media platforms by encouraging them to follow your company pages. More followers you have on social media, more repeat business your business will see.

And there is no better way to seek success on social platforms than by integrating social media buttons in your web design. Prominent social media buttons will significantly aid you in boosting the number of existing customers who would choose to share your company’s content with their network.

Besides making them prominent, you also need to make sure that your web development company must integrate social media buttons into every page. So you can relish improved social performance.


4 Lip Smacking Landing Pages a Company Should Serve – Part 2

2: Create Landing Page for Publicizing Next Edition of an Event

Or simply write “2015 Event Remained Extremely Successful” and place a button or tab below this caption which may read “Notify Me About 2016 Event”. It will allow you to generate leads from the first event’s page, when interested people start to share their personal information by clicking the notification button.

In the same way, you can use the emails of customers who have attended your first event or bought products when they have sold out for your marketing purpose. Furthermore, you can leverage landing page creation tools such as LeadPages to redirect all your visitors from a current event page to an expired event page.

You can even benefit from visitors’ slip-ups. For instance, if your visitor enters an incorrect URL on your site or webmaster link, he/she wouldn’t find the required information they are looking for. So how you can retain such a visitor?

Use your 404 page creatively. Start-off with an apology as it’s the best way to make up for the mess. In addition, you can offer your visitors email opt-in option to make them feel special along with enticing offer, if your proposition is good enough, then visitors won’t mind sharing their details with you.

Shae Baxter has done a wonderful job with her 404 landing page by proffering free updates and SEO course.

By the same token, an email unsubscription page can also be used to retain customers. Take HubSpot for instance. Its creative message ‘Sorry to See You Go’ on email unsubscription page is an excellent example of gaining a second chance to retain visitors.

3: Treat Your Homepage Like a Landing Page

Many would be wondering why they should treat their homepage like a landing page.

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. It’s your most visited page on the site. This makes it of great value to your firm and you certainly don’t want it to have a poor design.

So what will you do?

You’ll look to retain maximum visitors by fixing all the design issues. There are several businesses that have encountered this problem and therefore, they were not too keen to share their homepage designs. But, after fixing all the design related issues they managed to carve out high converting homepages.

Here are 2 special tweaks that aid them resolve this issue:

  • A Call to Action in Above-the-Fold Area – The area immediately visible to your site visitors is considered extremely precious for your company. Since content placed in this particular area gets more attention than any other place on the site.

So it’s critical that you use your CTA in this area. It could be an option for signing up or link to some of your most popular products or service that can pique a new visitor’s interest.

Guide Users with a Story – When a user lands on to a page, he/she can choose any path to walk down. Predicting which route they’ll take is not that easy. But, there is a way out. Create an intriguing story that can direct your visitors where you have placed your links. The best option would be to place the links at the bottom of your homepage as in many cases it has helped businesses significantly reduce their bounce rate.

4: Landing Page for Micro-Commitment

In case, you are looking to get your visitors’ micro commitment by introducing them to some of your key products and or services, then this type of landing page is the best choice.

All it requires is a summary of your product that will convince the potential customers to click-through to your site. Though it’s a baby step in generating leads, but it aids you warm up the visitors and build a momentum towards purchase by encouraging them to complete the transaction.

And you know what’s the best part about it?

This type of landing page remains non-intrusive.

Furthermore, if gaining consultation appointments is your goal, then this page can again prove quite useful to compel your potential customers say “yes”. Before it takes them to the page where actual conversion come to pass.

Rocket Memory has used this micro-commitment principle and it was able to record a 271 percent increase in their opt-in rate and reduced their cost for each lead by 76 percent.

Word of Advice:

So the next time you are looking to create a site or redesign an existing one, make sure that your web designing company must integrate these landing pages. VirtueNetz has helped its clients create and incorporate such pages to their site and you too can acquire its first-rate services to achieve desired results.

Adding Personality and Trust to Landing Page Increases Conversion and Revenue

When we meet a new person, for no reason we either approve of him or we don’t.

Wondering why this happens?

Unconsciously we make decision to trust or like someone, who is confident, poised, have a persona, and speak politely and directly. On the other hand, it is natural for us to disapprove a person who appears unattractive, weak and closed off.

Similar is the case with the landing pages of your site.

Visitors are more inclined towards landing pages that have the appeal and trust building elements as compared to the ones that have poor graphics, low quality images and depressing color scheme.

So how an online business can add personality and trust to its landing pages?

Check out the following strategies to make your page user-friendly, trustworthy and most of all a conversion magnet that boosts revenue.

1. Add Images of People

A Harvard economist conducted a study in conjunction with a bank that dispatched letters proffering short-term loans to potential clients. In order to trigger psychosomatic responses, they varied the interest rate as well as some other cues, such as included pictures of smiling people in the corner of the letter.

The outcome of the study was beyond expectations. The letters bearing the pictures of happy wholesome female gained more positive response in contrast to the ones that have lower interest rate. This has once again proved that a picture can tell a thousand stories.

The reason being is images of people transmit trust better than any other image or text. E-commerce businesses therefore, shouldn’t refrain from adding real images of people. However, when it comes to image optimization one cannot throw in any smiling woman’s image on their page and expect to achieve good results.

You have to test the images before optimizing your landing page.

Below are the five variables that a web designing company or e-retailer needs to keep in mind while testing:

i. Serious or Smiling Image: Would you like to communicate happy professionalism or sincere professionalism?

ii. Model or Stock Image: Most of the researches have revealed that images of real people have depicted better conversion rate over model or stock photos.  It is because we have a high trust and empathy level for people like us.

iii. Direction of Eyes: Studies showed that eye directions actually matters. Why you think the smiling people in cover pictures are often directly looking at the USP (unique selling point)?

iv. Individual or Group Shots: Generally, group focus work better than singles, but if the truth to be told it mainly depends on the type of business and testing.

v. Single or Album: Majority of the successful businesses prefer to go with album and if you take the same route make sure that each image should have its own unique selling point. Yet, it will be best for you to stick with a single focus image and single USP as it works better for companies.

2. Focus on Language & Tone

Online companies often fail to focus on the language and tone they use on their landing page. To manage a relevant, amiable, and user-friendly page, you must focus on the message as it frames your tone.

Let’s put it more plainly.

The objective of a landing page is not to sell your service or product, but to sell your users on your service or product. Here is the comparison between the two approaches:

When you are looking to sell a product/service your message will communicate how amazing your product/service is, what qualities it possess that none of the competitors can offer, and how customers can save their money by instantly placing an order.

On the other hand, when you are looking to sell your users on your product/service, you will talk about how it can resolve their problem, how it can change their life and how it will allow them to spend more time in doing things they love the most.

Here are few examples that will reveal to you how businesses are selling on benefits instead of features.

Example1: “No coding required! Publish to your site in a single click and save yourself time.”

Example2: “Getting your business the results you need by showing your ads where and when it most benefits you.”
Some more tips:

i.    Try to make your landing page more personal by directly addressing visitors with terms like You, Your and We as they have a pleasant and friendly tone.

ii.    Emphasis value because visitors don’t like to follow orders instead they like to take action when they see a good proposition .i.e. use “Get access to leads” in place of “Buy now”.

Looking to Generate More Sales Leads?

Make use of the aforementioned strategies or hire VirtueNetz to create a crowd-puller landing page for your corporation.

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