Top 20 Companies Who Hired Outsourced Development

Did you know that outsourced web development service has helped several startups build their successful businesses today? We understand it requires working efficiently with quality to start any venture and you need to ensure that you have the right resources in the right place.

It’s up to your ability if you can get this going in-house. We understand that you might have limited assets and funds to hire talented or skilled resources but there is an alternative approach that you can use to get the ball rolling and go through the startup phase easily.

Here are the top 20 successful companies globally who have opted an outsourced website development strategy to launch their esteemed organizations.

AlertBoot: They decided to outsource their infrastructure –as-a-service (iaas) and used cloud hosting give boost to those areas of development.

Github: The organization has utilized various individuals who finished development work for all intents and purposes from home.

Branchout: This is one of the prominent apps that were developed completely with outsourced development services. Serving as an organization that offers outsourced ability and consultants for different associations, used the same model to develop from a start-up into an all inclusive fruitful business.

Klout: To get its innovation in the appropriate spot before dispatch, Klout depended on numerous outsourced engineers to ensure the best quality service to offer publicly.

Skype: Yes that’s true, Skype utilized a group of engineers to help them work out their business and ensure error free communication solution.

Fab: This expansive startup joined forces with engineers in India to expand financing while scaling up when their business hinted at development.

MYSQL: From the beginning, the organization accepted and demonstrated the achievement of a development technique that included utilizing the most part of outsourced staff as a part of different nations to increase operations in every area and to offer MYSQL quality database management.

SeatGeek: This organization found a significant money saving advantage to outsourcing particular errands to ability in different nations. That helped them manufacture their foundation quicker at less cost than contracting in-house staff.

Splunk: This organization, known for inquiry and investigation of information, has utilized outsourced offices to discover the ability that quickly built up their framework and arrangement.

Opera: This is a well known web browser who depended on designers from different nations to make and execute the functionality of this browser worldwide.

Pingar: While building up itself in its industry, Pingar hired outsourced web developers to build up its business.

Axeda: The organization depended on web designers to make the product and stage to offer its cloud-based arrangement.

Solix: Yes, even technology outsource organizations have utilized offshore web resources to make its base..

Cloudmunch: The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company hired an Indian outsource company to bring talent it required to begin its operations.

Gliffy: This electronic charting instruments organization has swung to outsourcing for particular parts of its innovation improvement.

Mailburn: This is a great iPhone email client solution that was developed using an outsource company that assisted with a significant number of the specialized parts of the arrangement.

Squawker: Their solution was developed with the help of an outsourced software company who partnered with them to build their business.

Basecamp: The most famous project management system. The same routine of outsourcing worked for Basecamp as it formed itself into an innovation pioneer.

Mindspark:  This is one of the prominent mobile apps companies out there who utilized outsource developers to make its business and a large portion of its current applications.

We at VirtueNetz have helped numerous companies sitting at backend as an outsourced service provider to build their ventures and continuously maintained their systems.


7 Tips for Finding a Certified Web Developer

Are you worried and don’t know where to find a good and certified website developer for your website? If so then you have come to the right place where you will be explained 7 amazing tips for finding a top developer which can be hired on an hourly basis or on a fixed price. Being a web development company in hk, we understand that hiring can be one of the most frightening tasks when it comes to identifying and selecting team members, especially when you know a little about technical things and codes.

Here are 7 great tips, a team of VirtueNetz have evaluated for you.

Web Development Team Players

You should look for a team who work together in a perfect harmony and help the other members who fall behind. We understand they will be typing code all the day but they also need to respond to other requests in an appropriate manner. So it is best to find a professional team who have a great technical expertise and a good range of portfolio.

Meet Their Deadlines

It is also one of the most important measures you need to take before selecting one. Sometimes you have a tight deadline and the biggest terrible situation for you is when you find an web engineer telling you that he is on the case but when it comes to the delivery of the project, he doesn’t seem to be even close to submitting it. So it is important for you to look for a team of developers who not only meet deadlines but also communicate well throughout the execution of the project.

Coding Standards and Quality Compliance

When the developer is going to code, you need to decide if he meets the coding standards or not. Writing a code for a particular website isn’t enough. You need to determine if or not you will have bugs and crashes. In addition to that you will also need to figure out if the code is easy to understand and controllable for the next coder or client.

Check Development Work

Before choosing the certified website developer, make sure you check their portfolio in detail and go through the complex projects they have completed. You can also ask for the references to ensure whether they have actually worked on those projects or not.

Prototype Tests

It is good to go through prototyping tests with the website engineer you want to work with. You can do a rapid prototype tests to confirm their skill set. Viewing the engineer code and having him or her walk you through the procedure, what they’re doing and why, will help you comprehend on the off chance that they will be a solid match.

Hassle FREE Web Development

Don’t rush when it comes to selecting the developer because it will rather get you the wrong fit and it will not be easy to move to the next considering the time and cost you have spent with the previous one. So you need to sit down calmly and think about the requirements and the process you want to undergo to find the good fit. You can go through an interview over the phone or in person and a rapid prototyping tests.

 The Market Price

Some businessmen think they can get an extraordinary ability at a low cost. There are a plenty of web development freelancers out there and they will have a reach in an hourly rate for their expertise. It is good that you know the market price of the project because some developers might be costly in light of the fact that they are the best, or perhaps on the grounds that they believe you’re innocent.

5 Ways to Optimize WordPress Website for Maximum Conversions

Today the use of a WordPress website is very common. When it comes to knowing it, people normally think that it is mainly used to do blogging but actually it is flexible enough for just about anything. It powers over 22.5% of all websites on the internet.

It is considered to be an excellent content management system for the startup and small businesses. This Content Management System makes it more worthy because it gives an immense pleasure of managing content of the whole website quite effortlessly anywhere and at anytime. It also comes with a large number of theme options which is one of the important factors why small businesses choose this great platform.

There are several good reasons why you should prefer this system for your website but at the same time there are a few things and concerns that you need to keep in mind before selecting it.

WordPress Theme Selection

There are plenty of themes available which are paid as well as free to download. It is one of the most important factors to choose a quality theme for your website. In order to better utilize the content management system facility of the WordPress, you should select a theme that is user friendly and flexible enough to make modifications to your website.

WordPress as Website Hosting

This is also one of the sensitive measures you need to take before going with a website. The hosting service should be reliable enough and always up and running for you. When it comes to selecting a hosting company, you should sit down and carefully research for the top and reliable hosting provider that you can work with. You can also read reviews and articles about it. In addition to that the hosting should come with a complete backup and restore service that you can utilize in case of any data loss.

The WordPress Plugins

The WordPress comes with an extensive range of plugins that can be installed on your website for a certain purpose. But you should avoid installing too many plugins as it will slow down your website therefore, only install the plugin that you want to use regularly.

Security & Configuration.

You will be pleased to know that it also comes with a good amount of security features but it is also suggested to take some advanced level security measures to make your website more reliable to the visitors. Here at VirtueNetz, we strongly believe that the configuration and installation of your CMS should be properly done and the website should be kept up to date in order to keep enjoying flawless platform.

 Mobile Friendly Website

Today the use of mobile devices is extremely common and therefore almost every website is being developed with the vision of responsiveness. Your website should be accessible through any device either it’s a smart phone, iPad or tablet so you don’t lose your website’s visitors because many people will access your website through their mobile device. It should be well designed and coded so it can perfectly adjust on any size of the screen.

Being a small Hong Kong Web Development company, we understand the value of your website and therefore our qualified developers closely work with you on the concept to help you grow in the online market.

4 Conversion-Centric Design Traits That Nudge Visitors to Take Desired Actions

If an online business has to pinpoint one single metric that outshines all the others in impact, it will underline ‘conversion rate’. Conversion means potential visitors of your site who end up purchasing from your business.

But, how you CONVERT?

Well, there are numerous elements on your site which works together to convert. This includes web design, content of your site, search engine optimization and social media. In order to make them work together you have to get them right.

You can attain excellent results, but first you need to understand the significance of web design in increasing conversion rate. The guidelines to create good web design haven’t changed, be it a landing page or a large website. Here’s what you need to consider when acquiring web development services to boost conversions:

Never Ignore Usability

Is your website user-friendly and intuitive? These two are the key design factors that strongly influence conversion. Usability is gauged in terms of the ease with which visitors can do various tasks on your site and the speed with which they can finish them off.

Usability features, however, can vary from the projected utility of a website. An intricate drop down menu may not be required on a landing page, but it can prove a vital addition on an e-commerce site as it makes navigation easy.

Users form their opinion about the usability of a site in the first few seconds after they land on it. To create a good first impression, online businesses can take design cues from a competitor’s site, their own existing sites or by conducting tests on various design templates in user groups.

Incorporate Conversion-Centric Design Traits

Certain design traits have a significant impact on conversion. Once you got them right, they will nudge your users to take desired actions. Following are a few conversion-centric design traits that will help you boost your website’s conversion rate.

  • Fast Load Time
  • Large Headings
  • Stick With Design Aesthetics
  • Make Your Customers Happy

1: Fast Load Time:

Fast load time is essential for the success of any website. Your users don’t like to wait, it annoys them. To keep them on your site for long period, you ensure that the insightful content on your site must load as quickly as possible. To boost your website’s load time, combine style sheets with multiple scripts and opt for CSS instead of buttons, images, background colors, etc. – evade Flash at all cost. Now test the speed of your site and directly gain insights from Google.

2: Use Large Headings

To highlight important elements and or information pieces on your site, use large headings. Also, persist with the same font hierarchy. Since readers derive key indications from it about the significance and nature of the content.

3: Stick With Design Aesthetics

A website is a medium for e-retailers to communicate with their target audience. This communication needs to be pleasant. So your visitors can sense that welcome feel and prolong their stay on your site to explore it thoroughly. You can make this possible by adhering to the design aesthetics.

For example, website visuals and color scheme plays a vital role in purchase decisions. It also affects emotions and increases brand recognition. Images, buttons, text, arrows, white spaces and lines are successfully used in aesthetic manner to divert users’ attention towards CTA (call to action).

Amazon and eBay serves as leading examples in this regard.

4: Make your Customers Happy

Strive to make your customers happy because a dissatisfied customer share his or her experience with others and such news always travel fast. To avoid disgrace, you must carefully design your website because a poor layout, difficult navigation, excessive or irrelevant content, too many clicks to gain access or locate a product/service can sabotage your efforts to own a profitable site. More importantly, the cost of fixing these issues is way higher than making them right in the first place.

5 Untold Web Design Secrets Revealed (Part 2)

When developers and graphic designers are working on a website they are so engaged in the product or service that it gets tough for them to perceive and examine every possible user experience issue. Here tracking comes in real handy. It enables you to gain wealth of information and draw educated conclusions, which is critical in aiding you detect your users’ needs and wants.

If you are still failing to attract relevant users, then there is certainly something not working efficiently for you or your users might be experiencing other issues. With testing and tracking, you can recapitulate and make the changes that are necessary to improve the user experience. Most of all, you should be willing to look beyond the research and aesthetics.

Secret: Sometimes designers get so hyper about improving a design that they make themselves believe as if they have really improved it. To evade such a situation, designers must allocate one or two hours each week to dig deep into data, so they can informed changes and decisions.

4: Seek Outside Opinion or Advice

Seeking outside opinion or advice is another way to resolve design issues.

Allowing someone who isn’t a part of your project to see your work will give you fresh view of your website that you may not have gotten otherwise. You can gain advice from different people, such as fellow designers, stakeholders and or employees who haven’t seen your project before.

While gaining an outside opinion is always well-received, but make sure to test it in order to uncover whether it really works. When it comes to testing there is no better option to test your UX than user testing. There are numerous way to user test, A/B testing with analytics software such as Google Analytics, or actually see how they use your website.

Google Analytics

However, seeking outside opinion doesn’t mean that you have to agree to everything they say. Furthermore, if a same thing is highlighted by different users, then it is highly likely there is a graving issue. At the end of the day, it’s you who have to determine what’s best for your site.

Secret: The ideal way to collect user feedback is via services like Invision, or simply open up a channel to get your fellow designers take on it.

5: Storytelling Makes Things Easier

Want to make difficult concepts easier?

Tell your users a story. Storytelling enable your users to comprehend and remember complex ideas without any trouble. This way, your brand will not only be able to describe users’ needs and scenarios, but also be able to emotionally connect with them, which will further engross them in your site.

Businesses can learn a lot from companies like Graze that has effectively used storytelling for branding. The official website of Graze clearly explains to its users what exactly they proffer and how they have humanized their site to enhance user experience.

The best part about storytelling is it empowers you to understand your users closely. Think of it this way, to serve a customer well, you need to know him or her well. Meaning, the more info/stories you have on a customer the better you will be able to comprehend them. In brief, the more you will learn the better you will adapt when you are selling to users.

You can also use storytelling during testing. It will acquaint you with different user experiences to have an exact idea who they are, what they have understand and learned. Having such knowledge will only help you make better decisions that in turn will improve the site performance.

Secret: Do not hesitate to accept user behavior and feedback. Leverage tools like Mixpanel and Intercom to explore this course and let the outcome decide future needs and iterations.


It’s a web development company’s job to carefully outline the requirements and elaborate the details. So if you are looking to create a superlative user experience, then opt for a professional graphic designing company in HK such as VirtueNetz that can deliver results.

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