Microsoft: New Anti-Theft Measures for the Protection of Windows Phone

Microsoft has officially announced today’s in important details on a series of measures that will be introduced to improve software security aspects of Windows Phone smartphones in the event of theft.

The “Find My Phone” Windows Phone, more specifically, will provide the appropriate functions for:

  • Remotely wipe personal data stored on your smartphone
  • Make your smartphone unusable by unauthorized users, who can only make emergency calls
  • Prevent reactivation or the setup of your smartphone without the permission of the authorized user
  • Reverse the system in case of recovery of smartphones and enable restoration of data stored in the cloud if your smartphone was deleted

It is, therefore, a series of important options that, in fact, make the device unusable in possession of the thief, allowing at the same time to restore the correct operation of the terminal in case of finding.

The features described above will be made available in the form of software update intended for all smartphone Windows Phone 8.

iPhone 6 rumored to run 2K Retina screen

According to head Asian cites “Apple employees” an anonymous source, the next iPhone 6 could boast a display well above what was expected until today with the resolution Quad HD 2,560 x 1,440 pixels , a possibility that would mark a truly significant increase from the current 1,136 x 640 Retina current.

This article does not mention what will be the model of the iPhone 6 concerned (4.7 or 5.5 inches), or if it will be both, but until now has not been taken into account this possibility.While in March, the well-known insider Sonny Dickson spoke of a possible Retina Display Ultra 389 ppi compared to the current 326 ppi, Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac recently said that Apple could use the technique to provide tripling pixel resolution 1,704 x 960 as mentioned just above.

It would make sense that choice? Considering the evolution of the Apple display seems too a big jump.

Two new images of iPhone 6, 4.7 and 5.5 inches

A couple of new photos of both models of iPhone 6 have been published on Twitter by “SonnyDickson” , portraying them side by side. The second image shows clearly that there are two models, but gives a good idea of the size difference between the smartphone version.

All other details are the same as those of which we have spoken several times, rounded edges and form factor diverse than the current iPhone 5S and 5C. Below the image of the two with focus on rear bodywork.

Google Fit – New Resource for Fitness and Health will arrive on Android at Google I / O 2014

Here comes the new information about new features that Google may introduce on Android at the Google I / O 2014 . As we know the event will surely leading the world of wearable with the Android platform Wear, Moto 360, LG G Watch and perhaps a third device unpublished that could be achieved by Asus or Samsung.

In order to achieve a real wearable  ecosystem and dedication to wellness, Google seems to have prepared the alternative to Apple HealthKit presented at the Keynote on iOS 8 . It should call Google Fit and it would be a sort of aggregator of information from the various devices and sensors with many new APIs.

The idea could be interesting but it is not yet clear whether Google will Fit a proprietary interface or just a set of APIs that can communicate between Android, Android Applications and Wear person. All that remains is to wait for the Google I / O 2014.

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Apple uses Windows in the production of the Mac Pro

The above picture portrays Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, on a visit to the factory in Austin,used to produce the Mac Pro. Picture posted via Twitter in recent hours by Tim Cook. This picture is like many others, were not for particular that has attracted the attention of the public, or the contents of the screen of the iMac in the background.

Windows operating system is involve in the manufacturing of Apple’s Mac Pro , says the photo tweeted by CEO Tim Cook over the weekend.

On the other hand, Apple itself has never placed special Foreclosures final user to use the Windows operating system on Mac products , just think of BootCamp, for example, the official tool that guide the implementation of a dual-boot system OS X and Windows. A system that we use ourselves with pleasure, since it allows us, among other things, not to multiply the cost of the software license purchased for OS X and Windows.

No ‘scandal’ so if for specific needs, such as may be those of a chain of production, an iMac hosts the operating system of Redmond.

Tim Cook : Watching the Mac Pro come together in Austin yesterday,thanks to a team loaded with American manufacturing expertise.