How to SEO Optimize Most Important Pages on a Website?

When it comes to web designing, people often fail to ignore the easy tasks that have the biggest impact. I am talking about the low hanging fruits/tasks that can drastically improve your website performance.

You will only be able to comprehend this fact when you will recognize that some pages on your website are more important than others which are also called as landing pages. Perhaps, it would be obvious for many of you, but there are some who are completely unaware of this truth. Conventional Search Engine Optimizers don’t realize the importance of the landing pages and the number of conversions that could get them.

It is for this very reason, they fail to apply this knowledge to their websites and boost conversions.

In this post, I will demonstrate some SEO tips to convert your website a revenue generating engine for your business. Each site is different than other – one way or the other. However, generally speaking, there are four pages that are more important on a site.

How to determine the potential pages?

Easy, they are your most visited web pages and the pages on which visitors are stopping by:

  • Home Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • About Us Page
  • Blog
  • Service page
  • Demo page
  • Request a quote page

Even if your most visited web pages differ from the aforementioned list, you’ll still able to develop an idea to optimize them with this post.


1: Home Page

Your homepage must have a big headline, so you can place the important information right below it in the centre of the page which is also known as a tagline. This is the text placed on the first interaction to create or cater the need of a visitor related to our business and services.

Just the way you have made your headline obvious to grasp visitors’ attention, in the same way make it apparent to the users where they are supposed to go next and what they should do after taking an action. This way, your site can have a flow.

How to execute it?

Call to Actions or CTA is the way to do it. Make your CTAs as prominent as possible. Your homepage can have several different CTAs, but make these buttons clickable and large, so it becomes easy for them to choose the right one.

Often, it is observed that users use the home page to find what they need or where they like to go next. Thus, your navigation menu needs to absolutely clear.


2: Contact Us Page

Be certain that your Hong Kong web designing company should put all the information visitors are looking for in above the fold area when designing contact us page. This information includes your firm’s phone number, email address, mailing address, location on the map, contact form, and so on.

Why you should ensure SEO compliance?

The contact us page on your website provides the most crucial details to customers that are looking to gain more details of your products/services or have the intent to place an order.

Hence, use CTA copy like “Email Now” and “Chat Now” to gratify such users’ intent instantly because that is why they have come to your contact us page.Also, it gives them the feeling of existence and credibility of your business.

This will not only give the users what they want, but also enable you to ask them to take the desired action in return. Since the aim of your business is not just to disseminate information, but to demand response too.

3: SEO for About Us Page

The users visit about us page to know abowu the company, the services, the strength and how do they work with the clients. So make sure they’ll find the answers of all their obvious questions without having to scroll down. It means you have to place all the information in above the fold area which will help them create a good image about your business and take action accordingly.

Mind you, a lot of visitors are not just seeking more information; they are in quest of deeper engagement. Sate their thirst by providing at least one CTA.


4: SEO for Blog

A professional web development company hk will always ensure that all the information on your blog is tidily organized, so your visitors can gain the info that has brought them to your blog. Allow your users to find “most popular”, “most recent”, or other articles on your blog by creating different categories.

Boost more conversions by including CTAs that lets your users easily download a free resource, subscribe the blog, etc. Additionally, integrate CTA buttons in the core design of your website so they can appear on each post.

To further increase the engagement, place CTAs in the footer, on the sidebars, and other places on your website.