5 Ways to Optimize WordPress Website for Maximum Conversions

Today the use of a WordPress website is very common. When it comes to knowing it, people normally think that it is mainly used to do blogging but actually it is flexible enough for just about anything. It powers over 22.5% of all websites on the internet.

It is considered to be an excellent content management system for the startup and small businesses. This Content Management System makes it more worthy because it gives an immense pleasure of managing content of the whole website quite effortlessly anywhere and at anytime. It also comes with a large number of theme options which is one of the important factors why small businesses choose this great platform.

There are several good reasons why you should prefer this system for your website but at the same time there are a few things and concerns that you need to keep in mind before selecting it.

WordPress Theme Selection

There are plenty of themes available which are paid as well as free to download. It is one of the most important factors to choose a quality theme for your website. In order to better utilize the content management system facility of the WordPress, you should select a theme that is user friendly and flexible enough to make modifications to your website.

WordPress as Website Hosting

This is also one of the sensitive measures you need to take before going with a website. The hosting service should be reliable enough and always up and running for you. When it comes to selecting a hosting company, you should sit down and carefully research for the top and reliable hosting provider that you can work with. You can also read reviews and articles about it. In addition to that the hosting should come with a complete backup and restore service that you can utilize in case of any data loss.

The WordPress Plugins

The WordPress comes with an extensive range of plugins that can be installed on your website for a certain purpose. But you should avoid installing too many plugins as it will slow down your website therefore, only install the plugin that you want to use regularly.

Security & Configuration.

You will be pleased to know that it also comes with a good amount of security features but it is also suggested to take some advanced level security measures to make your website more reliable to the visitors. Here at VirtueNetz, we strongly believe that the configuration and installation of your CMS should be properly done and the website should be kept up to date in order to keep enjoying flawless platform.

 Mobile Friendly Website

Today the use of mobile devices is extremely common and therefore almost every website is being developed with the vision of responsiveness. Your website should be accessible through any device either it’s a smart phone, iPad or tablet so you don’t lose your website’s visitors because many people will access your website through their mobile device. It should be well designed and coded so it can perfectly adjust on any size of the screen.

Being a small Hong Kong Web Development company, we understand the value of your website and therefore our qualified developers closely work with you on the concept to help you grow in the online market.

How to SEO Optimize Most Important Pages on a Website?

When it comes to web designing, people often fail to ignore the easy tasks that have the biggest impact. I am talking about the low hanging fruits/tasks that can drastically improve your website performance.

You will only be able to comprehend this fact when you will recognize that some pages on your website are more important than others which are also called as landing pages. Perhaps, it would be obvious for many of you, but there are some who are completely unaware of this truth. Conventional Search Engine Optimizers don’t realize the importance of the landing pages and the number of conversions that could get them.

It is for this very reason, they fail to apply this knowledge to their websites and boost conversions.

In this post, I will demonstrate some SEO tips to convert your website a revenue generating engine for your business. Each site is different than other – one way or the other. However, generally speaking, there are four pages that are more important on a site.

How to determine the potential pages?

Easy, they are your most visited web pages and the pages on which visitors are stopping by:

  • Home Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • About Us Page
  • Blog
  • Service page
  • Demo page
  • Request a quote page

Even if your most visited web pages differ from the aforementioned list, you’ll still able to develop an idea to optimize them with this post.


1: Home Page

Your homepage must have a big headline, so you can place the important information right below it in the centre of the page which is also known as a tagline. This is the text placed on the first interaction to create or cater the need of a visitor related to our business and services.

Just the way you have made your headline obvious to grasp visitors’ attention, in the same way make it apparent to the users where they are supposed to go next and what they should do after taking an action. This way, your site can have a flow.

How to execute it?

Call to Actions or CTA is the way to do it. Make your CTAs as prominent as possible. Your homepage can have several different CTAs, but make these buttons clickable and large, so it becomes easy for them to choose the right one.

Often, it is observed that users use the home page to find what they need or where they like to go next. Thus, your navigation menu needs to absolutely clear.


2: Contact Us Page

Be certain that your Hong Kong web designing company should put all the information visitors are looking for in above the fold area when designing contact us page. This information includes your firm’s phone number, email address, mailing address, location on the map, contact form, and so on.

Why you should ensure SEO compliance?

The contact us page on your website provides the most crucial details to customers that are looking to gain more details of your products/services or have the intent to place an order.

Hence, use CTA copy like “Email Now” and “Chat Now” to gratify such users’ intent instantly because that is why they have come to your contact us page.Also, it gives them the feeling of existence and credibility of your business.

This will not only give the users what they want, but also enable you to ask them to take the desired action in return. Since the aim of your business is not just to disseminate information, but to demand response too.

3: SEO for About Us Page

The users visit about us page to know abowu the company, the services, the strength and how do they work with the clients. So make sure they’ll find the answers of all their obvious questions without having to scroll down. It means you have to place all the information in above the fold area which will help them create a good image about your business and take action accordingly.

Mind you, a lot of visitors are not just seeking more information; they are in quest of deeper engagement. Sate their thirst by providing at least one CTA.


4: SEO for Blog

A professional web development company hk will always ensure that all the information on your blog is tidily organized, so your visitors can gain the info that has brought them to your blog. Allow your users to find “most popular”, “most recent”, or other articles on your blog by creating different categories.

Boost more conversions by including CTAs that lets your users easily download a free resource, subscribe the blog, etc. Additionally, integrate CTA buttons in the core design of your website so they can appear on each post.

To further increase the engagement, place CTAs in the footer, on the sidebars, and other places on your website.


4 Best Ways Web Design Aids Businesses Nurture Brand Loyalty

Nurturing brand loyalty is the top priority for any business online, be it a small medium firm or a large corporation. Sadly, most of the businesses are still missing the opportunity to leverage their website as a tool to retain existing user base and nurture loyalty.

Whether you are using your website to sell products/services or generate sales leads, the world-wide-web can prove extremely profitable to get more out of an existing user base.

And, when it comes to designing a website, business owners must bear in mind how a site could be leveraged to encourage clients to keep coming back for repeat business.

Here VirtueNetz.com, we have aligned 4 different web designs that can aid your company to build customer and brand loyalty for longer period of time.

i: Branding With Responsive Web Design

In this era where mobile has become a necessity for many, nothing can prove more frustrating for a customer than to realize that their favorite business’s website do not work properly on tablets and smartphones. What a Loss!

Modern world customers have great expectations from businesses and they really want their websites to have responsive designs so they can work smoothly on nearly any device, be it a 4K monitor or Apple’s iPhone.

Besides scaring off your new customers, a site that is not responsive could also sway returning customers to review their purchasing decision and consider other options.

To gain success it is critical for businesses to make their website design fully responsive, and seo friendly so their existing customers won’t have to think twice while purchasing from them and it’s easily accessible.

ii: Proffer Tangible Value

In order to encourage customer loyalty, corporations have to ensure their website design proffers meaningful value to the clients that can give them a reason to return. The best example of tangible value a website could offer are routine promotions, client dashboard and video tutorials.

These offerings would compel your former customers to return to your site and use these resources several times. And, every time a customer revisits your site, it increases the possibility that they may end up buying from your e-store.

iii: Acquiring Client-to-Client Referrals

Acquiring customers may not be that difficult for a corporation, but turning them into loyal customers is certainly a tough ask. However, it’s not something that cannot be accomplished. With client-to-client referrals and networking, you can earn a loyal customer base.

But, you would be wondering what it has to do with web designing. Right?

A well-design and developed website makes your regular customers feel more comfortable, especially when they are looking to share its link with a friend. On the contrary, many online businesses strive to boost their network-driven growth in today’s marketplace where competition is more fierce than ever before.

The key reason behind it is a lot of the businesses have basic or poorly designed websites that fails to please customers and subsequently dejects them to refer it to others.

The main aim of the online business owners should be to develop a web design with assistance of a professional web designing company that can facilitate referrals. Ensure that your contact and home pages express all the strong point of your business to earn maximum return on investment through networking.

iv: Include Social Media Buttons in Web Design

Satisfied customers are more likely to share your content with others because they had a positive experience with your company. Engage these customers through social media platforms by encouraging them to follow your company pages. More followers you have on social media, more repeat business your business will see.

And there is no better way to seek success on social platforms than by integrating social media buttons in your web design. Prominent social media buttons will significantly aid you in boosting the number of existing customers who would choose to share your company’s content with their network.

Besides making them prominent, you also need to make sure that your web development company must integrate social media buttons into every page. So you can relish improved social performance.


4 Lip Smacking Landing Pages a Company Should Serve – Part 2

2: Create Landing Page for Publicizing Next Edition of an Event

Or simply write “2015 Event Remained Extremely Successful” and place a button or tab below this caption which may read “Notify Me About 2016 Event”. It will allow you to generate leads from the first event’s page, when interested people start to share their personal information by clicking the notification button.

In the same way, you can use the emails of customers who have attended your first event or bought products when they have sold out for your marketing purpose. Furthermore, you can leverage landing page creation tools such as LeadPages to redirect all your visitors from a current event page to an expired event page.

You can even benefit from visitors’ slip-ups. For instance, if your visitor enters an incorrect URL on your site or webmaster link, he/she wouldn’t find the required information they are looking for. So how you can retain such a visitor?

Use your 404 page creatively. Start-off with an apology as it’s the best way to make up for the mess. In addition, you can offer your visitors email opt-in option to make them feel special along with enticing offer, if your proposition is good enough, then visitors won’t mind sharing their details with you.

Shae Baxter has done a wonderful job with her 404 landing page by proffering free updates and SEO course.

By the same token, an email unsubscription page can also be used to retain customers. Take HubSpot for instance. Its creative message ‘Sorry to See You Go’ on email unsubscription page is an excellent example of gaining a second chance to retain visitors.

3: Treat Your Homepage Like a Landing Page

Many would be wondering why they should treat their homepage like a landing page.

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. It’s your most visited page on the site. This makes it of great value to your firm and you certainly don’t want it to have a poor design.

So what will you do?

You’ll look to retain maximum visitors by fixing all the design issues. There are several businesses that have encountered this problem and therefore, they were not too keen to share their homepage designs. But, after fixing all the design related issues they managed to carve out high converting homepages.

Here are 2 special tweaks that aid them resolve this issue:

  • A Call to Action in Above-the-Fold Area – The area immediately visible to your site visitors is considered extremely precious for your company. Since content placed in this particular area gets more attention than any other place on the site.

So it’s critical that you use your CTA in this area. It could be an option for signing up or link to some of your most popular products or service that can pique a new visitor’s interest.

Guide Users with a Story – When a user lands on to a page, he/she can choose any path to walk down. Predicting which route they’ll take is not that easy. But, there is a way out. Create an intriguing story that can direct your visitors where you have placed your links. The best option would be to place the links at the bottom of your homepage as in many cases it has helped businesses significantly reduce their bounce rate.

4: Landing Page for Micro-Commitment

In case, you are looking to get your visitors’ micro commitment by introducing them to some of your key products and or services, then this type of landing page is the best choice.

All it requires is a summary of your product that will convince the potential customers to click-through to your site. Though it’s a baby step in generating leads, but it aids you warm up the visitors and build a momentum towards purchase by encouraging them to complete the transaction.

And you know what’s the best part about it?

This type of landing page remains non-intrusive.

Furthermore, if gaining consultation appointments is your goal, then this page can again prove quite useful to compel your potential customers say “yes”. Before it takes them to the page where actual conversion come to pass.

Rocket Memory has used this micro-commitment principle and it was able to record a 271 percent increase in their opt-in rate and reduced their cost for each lead by 76 percent.

Word of Advice:

So the next time you are looking to create a site or redesign an existing one, make sure that your web designing company must integrate these landing pages. VirtueNetz has helped its clients create and incorporate such pages to their site and you too can acquire its first-rate services to achieve desired results.

4 Lip Smacking Landing Page Types Your Company Should Serve (Part 1)

According to a research, 62 percent of the B2B businesses that uses landing pages have six or fewer landing pages in total.  One can easily guess what’s the basic thought behind it. The majority of the companies want their online visitors to focus on the essential products and services only.

It is for this very reason only 48 percent of the marketers create a new landing page for each promotional campaign. But, experts are of the view that more landing pages you create the better it is for the business.


Because more landing pages will give your site the opportunity to generate more leads.

Still didn’t get it?

Let me put it more plainly.

Each advertising campaign can be different from other since they might be targeting people with different interests and demographics. So, how can you expect that one landing page will appeal to all types of people who have dissimilar interests, demographics and straddling across various age groups, genders and etc?

Numerous studies have shown why personalized landing pages have worked wonders for companies.

  • An analysis revealed that businesses which increased their landing pages from 10 to 15 witnessed a 55 percent increase in leads.
  • Whilst corporations with over 40 landing pages have seen 12 X more leads as compared to the ones with 5 or less pages.

This clearly infers that more landing pages have a positive impact on lead generation.

But here the question arises, what type of landing pages a business should create to generate more leads?

VirtueNetz has explained different types of landing pages below. Pick the one that best meets your marketing campaign goals and business objectives.

1: Landing Page for Collecting User Info

The title clearly suggests the motive behind creating this type of landing pages. Ideally, these pages have just one button allowing users to submit their information before moving onto the next page.

Consequently, it makes them a perfect choice for companies that are looking to create a buzz about a product or service through webinar. Use them to gather webinar registrations. All you need to do is to create a compelling headline and share the details of your webinar on the new landing page.

Here is one example:

‘Web Development: Your Competitors are Going Mobile. Are You?

This live training will show you how a mobile-friendly site can generate more sales leads.’

In case, you are not too keen to organize a webinar, you can still use this type of landing page to your advantage.


Offer your customers a 30-day free trial or resource in exchange for their personal information. BuzzSumo and Vertical Response are two prime examples in this regard that offer their users free trial if they are willing to trade their personal details.

However, only a few form fields lead to conversions, still they can prove quite helpful in generating qualified leads.

But if you are really looking to up your game then, here is another idea.

A graphic design agency can use this type of landing page to produce solid leads. For instance, the company can offer free graphic design services through its advertisement. Once a potential buyer clicks on its ad, it will intentionally divert him to a landing page that has multiple questions required to be answered.

This will enable the firm to focus only on prospects that answers all or most of the questions because they are highly likely to convert.

2: Landing Page for Publicizing Next Edition of an Event

Each year we get to companies organize big conferences or webinars. To promote these events they market their sales pages on social media sites and in guest posts.

But, what happens to these publicized links once their events end?

These links will stay there, so why not use this opportunity to publicize the new or next edition of the event?

Here’s what you can alter them:

‘The 2015 Event Was a Huge Success. Here is What’s Coming Your Way This Year.’

To Be Continued…