5 Quick And Easy Ways To Create A Website, Even If You Are Not Technically-Savvy

In this age of technology, where proliferation of mobile devices has made it possible for people to shop from the comforts of their home, having a world wide web for a business seems obvious. But it turns out that over 50 percent of the small businesses in the US are still operating without a basic website. One can imagine that acquiring web development services may not fit into their budget. Yet it’s not a good excuse, particularly when you can explore quick and easy ways to create a website without having the technical knowledge.

VirtueNetz has listed a few sources below that can greatly help you in this regard:

i. CloudCart

The e-commerce sector has witnessed a rapid increase in the past few years and this trend is not likely to lose pace in the near future. In fact, more e-stores are emerging on the scene with every passing day and there are many out there that are waiting in the wing. Whereas, others are exploring ways how they can launch their e-store quickly and easily.

Ever heard of CloudCart??

CloudCart is excellent platforms that can aid you create a first-rate online e-commerce website without engaging into a distressing process. On top of it, you can have your site build in no more than 30 seconds. Incredible isn’t it? All you need to do is simply create an account, then select a template for your site, add products and VOILA.

You are ready to sell your stuff.

If that sound too good then think again. You can do all this without bearing any hefty charges. All you have to pay is a small monthly subscription fee and you can get your hands on a horde of features. In addition, you’ll get round-the-clock support service that speaks your language and can resolve your issues instantly.

ii. Unsplash

Finding free high resolution images is one of the toughest errands that web designers come across. But Unsplash has finally resolved this problem. The website that can also be called the Holy Grail of designers has an extensive collection of free and high resolution images. Anyone can copy, modify or reproduce these images and use them on any site. What’s more, it uploads 10 new images after every 10 days.

iii. BeTheme

Like Unsplash, BeTheme is also a heavenly thing for developers. The dazzling site proffers more than 180 pre-made web layouts that can be installed with just one click and boasts 20 different header styles. Above all, the team behind BeTheme has ensured that the layouts should upload faster and offer smooth navigation to end users.

If that doesn’t please you, then here is more. In case, you are not technically strong BeTheme team still have you covered. HOW? The builders and visual composers from the team are at your disposal, so you can have the theme adjusted according to your needs. Furthermore, BeTheme offers most commanding web administration services. It means administering your website won’t be an issue.

iv. Wufoo

Whether you are looking to create a contact form, evaluation form or feedback form for your website, Wufoo can assist you with all of these. In fact, the amazing web-based application can even manage your website’s form. You can use the drag-and-drop UX to create a website form while the app takes care of everything else that is required to keep it up and running.

Furthermore, it also provides you with analytics that allows you to track the results of form and create reports from the collected information. At this point in time, you may not be that keen to create a contact form for your website, but it won’t be too long before you realize it can of great benefit to you as your users will surely appreciate it.

v. PowerMockup

Prototyping web, mobile or desktop applications is a routine work for developers. With PowerMockup now this daily errand has become lot easier for designers. The useful toolkit transforms your Microsoft PowerPoint into a wireframing tool and that too in a few clicks. Also, you can take advantage of the vast collection of icons in the PowerMockup to add zing to your website or you can simply import and export your desired images.

Besides prototyping the toolkit can also be utilized to spruce up your presentations. You will be amazed to see how easily you can create excellent storyboards with it in your first try. Even if you are not an expert in, PowerMockup can allow you to create splendid presentations as it is extremely user friendly.