Cloud Certifications ⁠— The Growing Importance of Cloud Computing

Technologies are advancing day by day. Cloud Computing is into the mainstream of enterprise IT these days. Cloud Computing has clearly occupied a huge market. Organizations are transforming their infrastructure from traditional computing to cloud computing.

Many Cloud Certifications have been released by tech giants such as Microsoft’s AZ-103, Google’s Cloud and Amazon Web services. However, AZ-103 preparation is crucial to becoming a certified professional. Simultaneously, AWS preparation is crucial to get their certification.

Last year quarterly revenue generated by AWS had jumped from $1.8 billion to $2.89 billion according to Amazon. It is a 58% growth in revenue. This shows the interest of IT and other industries in cloud services. In the space of one year, by over one billion dollars, AWS grew its quarterly revenues.

How embedded cloud computing is in the future of enterprise IT? There are evidence that shows us the emergence and demand for cloud computing in recent years. The shift to the cloud is accelerating, according to a survey conducted by JP Morgan CIO. According to them, demand for cloud computing will rise more in the coming five years.


Cloud Computing is a Core Competency:

For all IT organizations, cloud computing must now be a core competency, according to many analysts. As the province of startups and SMBs, cloud computing can’t be dismissed anymore. It can’t be denigrated as “Shadow IT” now. IT organizations must be ready now for this technology, its design, deployment, monitoring, and management. Cloud-based applications are easy to manage.

While AZ-103 preparation an individual can learn many concepts of Azure and implement them to get benefits from this technology. An organization can compete with many challenges if they hire a cloud professional.


What is the Issue in Adoption?

The most significant issue that is holding cloud computing back is security. It has been cited in a traditional way by IT executives. But security isn’t the main concern, we’ll discuss it further. Lack of resources and expertise are the main issues according to a survey conducted by a cloud management company, RightScale.

When technology becomes a de-facto platform for applications it moves beyond early adopters. Across the organization, it requires building a foundation of technology skills. The demand for cloud skills has been increased in recent years. Individuals and organizations both are demanding certifications as Microsoft and VMware, both are in this technology now.


Importance of Certification:

The motive for obtaining cloud certification is clear. In the job market, they want to gain a competitive edge and demonstrate competence. Having a certificate indicates the individual holds a demonstrable level of skills and it also demonstrates core knowledge of the concepts.

Here are two basic reasons that show the importance of cloud certification:


Organizations can Determine base Skills levels:

Organizations are not selling skills, they are buying skills. They look for certified individuals. It is a way of determining base skill levels for them. A certification shows that an individual is ready and able to join a team and share his skills with an organization. Certifications help the organizations to make a decision about the individual that he can contribute or not.

Any cloud certification’s preparation such as az-103 preparation isn’t easy. It will take time and a deep understanding to clear concepts. This is why organizations always look for certified professional.


Candidate has a Strong Knowledge Base:

The second and most important reason — an organization can guarantee a consistent knowledge base of an employee. With the same certification, employees of an organization can work together using the common terminology. Employees with certification can perform better.

Certifications guarantee that employees share the same understanding of cloud computing. This will directly result in the success or failure of the project. The same understanding of cloud computing will generate efficient results. Employees will be able to work on consistent operations which will result in lower operational cost.


Ending Thoughts:

Certifications are the mainstream topic as cloud computing has hit the mainstream. Certifications provide you a good understanding in lesser time. According to RightScale, the number one barrier to cloud adoption is unskilled professionals. This is why over the next couple of years we’ll see a huge rush for cloud computing certifications and training.

To improve personal marketability, obtaining a certification is an excellent way for individuals. For organizations, cloud computing will reduce the cost of server installation, maintenance and IT team for it. Cloud computing is a core competence,certification will be a key action item now.