Top Web Development Trends for 2016 (Part 1)

Web development and designing is changing at the speed of technology. To keep pace with the rapidly changing technology, it is essential for developers to acquaint themselves with the latest trends and see what new changes 2016 will bring in the industry.

  1. Integration of Grids

We exist in digital age where people have mastered the art of using technology. With every passing day the number of online shoppers is increasing, whereas proliferation of mobile devices has allowed kids and grown-ups to search nearly everything online. Unfortunately, this has greatly decreased our patience.

Consequently, web visitors are no longer willing to access slow websites. Moreover, they do not want to browse through a site to learn about a business. To negate this problem, designers have started integrating grid design in the layouts. Grid is just the thing a modern day designer may have wished for to keep the visitors on a page.

Grids make navigation simple and web design more appealing. It brings a sense of rhythm by proportioning and balancing the design. In turn it becomes fairly easy for visitors to naturally move their eyes around the pages. It is exactly the kind of solution that you require to create a good first impression in those first few seconds.

  1. Parallax Scrolling to Rise

Do you know what else cuts down the user experience besides slow load time? It’s scrolling. Yes, you’ve heard it right. The reason being is majority of the visitors use the scroll button on the web pages to slide them up and down. Often they find it really irritating to get the scroll bar in the exact position where the interesting content resides.

To fix this issue, web developers have taken cue from mobile phone experience that has enabled users to scroll with their thumb. Now they are bringing this intriguing feature into web development. As a result, the new sites will allow users to scroll with a simple gesture rather clicking all over the site.

This new functionality is called parallax scrolling. In addition to making the scrolling easy, parallax will also allow designers to have fewer and bigger buttons on the pages. This feature will also morph those irritating slideshows of content into one scrolling list.

Owing to these functionalities, parallax scrolling adds more depth to the sites and increase browsers interest. This makes parallax scrolling a rising norm in 2016 and an essential for web developers.

To be continued….

2 Common Mistakes Startups Make When Launching Their First Website

Climbing a mountain demands physical preparation as well as mental preparation. Creating or launching your first business website is very similar. It takes time to learn, practice and experiment in order to launch a successful website.

VirtueNetz understands that young startups are not too keen to invest that much of time in setting up and running a website. Keeping this in view, the Hong Kong-based web development company has chart out two common mistakes that nearly every new startup makes when launching their website.

Counting on Third-Party Sites

You may have seen those advertisements which says “create a new website in just one click”. Fascinating?? Certainly they are. But the truth is most of these ads leads you to blogging platforms such as:

  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • com
  • Wix
  • TypePad and etc.

These platforms offer both free and paid plans and manage to attract young startups, especially the ones which have limited budget, but it is best for you to avoid them. Simply for the reason that they are meant for blogging and not for building a business. Furthermore, you cannot do much with the free plan and on top of it their support is terrible. So those who are making use of these free platforms are only setting themselves up for a nosedive.

Opting for Cheaper Hosting Package  

One of the essentials of running a successful website is reliable hosting service. To many it may seem a daunting task, but it in reality that isn’t the case. Your website is like a collection of files if you keep it on your PC – like all the other files –, then only you can access it. However, if you place it on a server, then anyone can open it by connecting via internet.

If you want your visitors to seamlessly access your website, then opt for a good hosting package and not the cheaper one. If your hosting isn’t up to the mark it would be as bad as not having a site. You can find numerous hosting service providers that are offering “100 percent network uptime guarantee”.

This doesn’t mean that they’ll allow your website to have a 100 percent uptime, but certainly it will be close to it. And, if your site goes down, the guarantee will compensate you with hosting credits. Most of all, reputable service providers ensure that their customers get first-rate customer service, so you can restore your site even in the worst-case scenario.

Why You Should Choose Magento for eCommerce

Are you looking to setup an online store and confused what platform should you choose? You are at the right place then.

Today, Magento is one of the best options when it comes to choosing a platform for setting up an online store. If you are not selling online then the chances are high that your store will remain unidentified.

Magento is an open source PHP and MySQL platform with an easy to learn and user-friendly to cope. It was created back in 2007 by the team that loved to work on osCommerce system.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Magento as your online store:

User Friendly:

We understand Magento is a bit complex but it is not complicated to you and your clients. It gives an immense online shopping pleasure because the interface on both front end as well as back end is highly flexible and easy to use

Strong Platform:

The Magento platform is highly robust and it offers you an extremely up to date online store experience. It gives you an enterprise level platform, regularly secured and enhanced


As you know an online store helps you reach a wide range of audience worldwide and you will be pleased to know that Magento makes the internationalization concept much easier because you can add any currency and it manages it with automatic daily exchange rates, multiple languages and even translations

Catalogue Management:

This is one of the great features Magento has today. It can flawlessly run multiple stores from the same back end system that makes you sell items in several stores and keep your inventory system, payments, and invoices under one roof

Outstanding Functionality:

As soon you install Magento, you get the ability to select famous shipping methods such as FedEx, UPS and top payment methods like PayPal and Credit cards etc.

Integration Flexibility:

Maybe you want to use a separate invoicing or inventory system while considering Magento. No problem at all because you easily integrate its database with plenty of modules available in the market.

 Design and Themes

You have plenty of options to choose any theme to match with the design of your products, pages or any particular event. They are available online for free and paid. In addition you can create your own theme as well and use under Magento because of its flexibility.

Hardware Resources:

As you now understand that Magento handles almost every aspect of an online store and because of its robust and complex construction, it requires more hardware resources that are required to host a Magento site. Although it will work on a shared hosting but once you start adding up products and filling up your online store, you will probably experience slow response from the website. Therefore it is recommended to host a Magento store on a VPS (virtual private server) that offers dedicated amount of hardware resources like CPU power and Memory


We can conclude that Magento is one of the best open source platforms available today. If you are serious about setting up your online shop and taking your business at peak then Magento will be your good choice to start with.

We can certainly help you how to get setup from scratch and grow your online store in search engines.

Why You Should Choose WordPress?

Today the use of a WordPress site is common. Often people ask: Why should we use WordPress? Isn’t our old site good enough? If you are asking the same question then you are at the right place.

We have gathered some very good reasons why you should setup a website using WordPress.

People normally think that the WordPress is used to do mainly blogging however they make a mistake here because WordPress is flexible enough for just about anything, although that used to be true in the past. That’s the main reason now why WordPress has grown so much over the past few years. According to a recent survey, WordPress powers over 22.5% of all websites on the internet.

The Free Software:

Yes that’s true! WordPress is free software which you can easily download and install to create any kind of website. The beauty of the WordPress is that the source code is open to anyone to study and play with. On top of that you will find thousands of free themes and plugins to use on your website!

Because it is open source, WordPress is a community software that is available for anyone to use and contribute. It is mostly maintained by a large number of volunteers who write patches, answer technical questions, and create themes and documentation.

Easy to use and learn:

It comes with an admin control panel that makes an easy process to manage the whole website. Today almost every day new people are joining WordPress system and setting up their websites. It doesn’t require any technical or programming skills. You can change colours, upload logo, images, change background, create sliders and do several other things. That is why it’s been the most desired website software for beginners.

Use of Themes and Plugins:

There are plenty of free themes and plugins available which help you to give any kind of look to your website. The installation of theme comes with a complete documentation so it doesn’t require you to go through technical aspects. The WordPress themes are flexible and easy to customize as per own requirements.

Google Friendly:

The WordPress software is written using high standard codes and compliance that makes your site attractive to search engines, although the WordPress design is SEO friendly. In addition to that you can use SEO plugins available in the WordPress plugins section to make it more smart and appealing to the search engines.

WordPress is secure:

WordPress is completely safe and secure. There are a number of plugins available that make WordPress sites more secure and reliable to the end users. You can even lock your WordPress while working on the development of your site.


 Media Files:

WordPress doesn’t only handle text based sites but also you can add any kind of media files. Doesn’t it look amazing?

By default WordPress allows you to embed various social media files like YouTube videos, Sound cloud audio, Instagram photos and even you can get your visitors to add videos in the comments.