How to make an eCommerce successful?

I believe this is how you should go

Web Design & Development – make sure your design is catchy and attractive as per your products. Also the functionality of website should be user friendly. There shouldn’t be any trouble for users.

Platform – Website should work in all major browsers as well as it should open fine in Smart Phones and Tablets. So responsive solution is very important now a days with desktop solution as more and more people are using smart phones and tablets now a days.

Ongoing Management/Support – Payment options should be as many as possible. Offer multiple shipping option, if you can offer FREE shipping then it will be great. Offer coupons/discounts to your customers. Provide online chat/support, deal inquiries in a quick time when you will start getting them. Return policy should be properly defined. Provide the quality service so you can get more customers.

OnSite SEO – Very important now a days in terms of Google. Make sure your website is SEO friendly. Use proper Keywords, URLs, H Tags, Alt Tags etc. Google for details if you don’t have any idea about it. Last but not least, quality content should be there on website.

Links Building – Build quality links for your website, post articles on quality websites. Also you should have a Blog on your website and keep posting and promoting your Blogs on regular basis. There are so many ways to do it which you can Google.

Social Media – Social media really changed the game now a days. It is very important to have a presence on all major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Offline Marketing – Mouth word is very important for any business i believe. Business Cards, Brochure are some cheap but affective ways to promote your eCommerce solution. If you have some budget then advertise it on Radio, Newspaper, Billboards and TV.

As per my experience, I believe all of the above mentioned are important for success of any eCommerce solution. You cannot ignore anything.


First thing First- Web Design

The first thing you see when visiting the site, it is undoubtedly its design. And that visual imagery is one of the main parameters of a qualitative usability. On how a visitor praised the look of your site depends largely on its subsequent behavior – closing the tab, or purchase your products and services.

Professional web-design is the “anchor” for the target audience: the colorful and stylish image, well placed navigation elements and thoughtful content cause the user interest, which in turn is the main driver of sales. Also, web design, and allows you to visually describe the status of your organization, its respectability, corporate style.

High-quality and thoughtful design of the web site has a direct impact on the company’s image, brand awareness and, consequently, the effectiveness of sales. The task of web-design is not so much a beautiful rendering of elements, but in a logical representation of information and of emphasis on the main ideas that you want to convey to visitors.

Referring to the Studio Online Marketing “Sim”, you will find talented and creative individuals with care related to their work. We do not just create websites that generate profits; we are investing in their works part of him.

And today, ready to offer you the following services:

  • Development of corporate identity and logo of the company.
  • Create business cards
  • Create banners
  • The design of brochures and other promotional products
  • Website design and online stores
  • Design and restyling of the individual elements of Internet resources.

VirtueNetz is the best Web Design Hong Kong Company. Contact us for more details and get a free quote for your web design.

VirtueNetz – Web Design and Development Company Hong Kong

VirtueNetz Limited: A digital Web Design and Development studio of Hong Kong offers Internet projects and construction sites of any complexity, from a promotional site and ending with the development of large information b2b portal or social network. Having our own resources is helping to promote the products and services of your company on the market today. We are a professional web site design for more than a year and every expert gets the job done accurately and efficiently. The creative team, knowledge of the latest trends in Internet services, many years of experience and having our own technical resources allow us to position ourselves as a modern and forward-looking web design studio, creating and manufacturing sites.

5 reasons to order VirtueNetz:

  • Only an individual Web Design and Development of Internet-project for each client. Working together with customers helps to display the site in any ideas, give each project individuality and originality
  • Excellence and quality of the sites, with adaptive and original design. To create a truly adaptive website, our designers have thoroughly acquainted with the activities of your company, study its marketing goals, and find out the company’s position in the relevant market segment.
  • Hire purchase payment and progress payment. As the prices of web design for young companies may not be entirely accessible, our web design studio will provide these companies the creation of high-quality Internet resource, having issued its progress payment or payment in installments. Rapid development of web design will allow the company to improve its position in the market in a timely manner to make a profit, and fully pay for services received.
  • Guaranteed quality and accessibility. We try to do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with cooperation with us, so we can guarantee the fulfillment of all contractual obligations. Our managers are always in touch, you can always seek the advice of our experts and, if necessary, to call and ask questions.
  • Education, advice and continued support. If you start the site to work, you want to maintain it, we are ready to train your staff to take a major action or project to support our professionals. You can always contact us and get useful tips and tricks.

VirtueNetz is the Leading Hong Kong Web Design Company. Still have questions? Contact us and get a free quote of your Web Solutions.

Clean Web Design – Effective and Attractive

Already you have a website? What can you do to improve it? And to increase conversions (i.e. the percentage of visitors who can “convert” into customers)?

VirtueNetz offers assistance and targeted advice to optimize existing sites although, from a technological point of view, often the best solution is to rebuild the site from scratch.

Making appropriate changes can have a significant improvement: you can make your site more attractive and user-friendly by removing unnecessary items that distract visitors.

A clean Web Design makes the information easy to find and your services more attractive.

Customers tend to stay for longer on your pages rather than those of your competitors. We can get you these benefits thanks to the attention that we reserve the choice of colors and the arrangement of the various elements on web pages.

The elements, layout, colors and layout will help to convey messages very specific and therefore must be chosen carefully. Your site must inspire confidence and be a tangible sign of your reliability.

Our Web Design HK Company greatly values the page structure, the position of the menu and the selection of securities. We transfer the most relevant content in the primary position, eliminating the distractions that can affect your conversion goals.

Our Web Design is optimized by using modern technology eye tracking: analyze eye movement on the various elements of the page, in order to understand which areas attract more user attention.

In addition to a careful design, to create an efficient website specific skills are needed programming, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Usability. Taking care of these aspects and improving the design of your web pages be able to increase revenues and amounts in your industry.

You still have some doubts? Or do you think that your site is already perfect?

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Graphics and Communication Hong Kong

We develop projects oriented brand design, while respecting the identity and the tradition of graphics, communication and product as consistent elements to ensure the recognition and a clear business communication. The main activities concern in corporate communications institutions, in the design of graphical advertising, in print ads and billboards, packaging and publishing projects.

Our Services

  • Graphic design logos
  • Corporate identity
  • Advertising B2C and B2B
  • Publishing graphics
  • Brochures, catalogs, annual reports
  • Graphics for exhibitions
  • Magazines and journals
  • Forms and corporate identity
  • Merchandising
  • Photography Services
  • Videographers
  • Packaging Design

Full-service communications agency

The key element of our philosophy is to always be on the move to take advantage of new opportunities, with the right mix of strategy, creativity and technology because every solution is different for each company.


We identify your business needs and what goals we want to achieve, then we develop the right ideas to achieve our goals.


We create interesting and creative design solutions involving the various sectors of the media, to create a user experience unforgettable.


The digital world is evolving more and more quickly, keeping up with the times is not only a necessity, but the way we conceive of any communication project.

VirtueNetz Limited is in the Field of Web Graphic Design since 2007. We offer a qualified consultancy service in the field of web design and graphics Design in Hong Kong. Contact us for more details and we will provide you the best solution