How to Deal With the Design Process

Every business has its own operations and a way of working. Although there are many template websites on Internet including (which is a giant in industry) but because of different requirements of each business, business owner willhave to choose a custom design for his/her business. This is the reason custom designed websites always have been good for the business as they are built only for your business by keeping all aspects in mind. So to get the best possible results there should be some operational requirements of the business for which we are going to design it. So business owner should follow a certain process which includes the following

  • Fully understand the operations of business,should be aware about the nature of business.
  • What is target audience and where it is located
  • Understand fully about the image of business
  • Should be fully aware about the product/service
  • Set design goals

After the homework listed above you should look for a quality designer or group of designers so they can produce some quality work and immediate results for you. One thing is very important here that designer should understand fully about your business or you can help him to understand it to achieve the goals which you set above.

Design team should make sure the following for your custom design

  • Exposure
  • Identity
  • Productivity
  • Sales
  • User Satisfaction

During the design process please keep discussing things about your business with the designer. So in the end you should get an error FREE solution. – Ongoing Project of Virtuenetz Limited

How the name & logo is inspired by the culture of Pakistan.

Pakistan is rich on cultural heritage. Our beloved monuments like the Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan and Mazaray Quaid are all symbols of our rich heritage. These landmarks remind us every day about the love for our country and our countrymen. We chose to feature these supreme landmarks in our Logo to remind people about love and their fellow citizens regardless of where they are based

How the site looks on PC & showing how to use the Wizard.

KishMish believes in putting people first. This is why we designed our website with extreme care and passion. With our platform, just about anyone can easily navigate to their desired location without being ‘lost’. Furthermore, we added a ‘How to use Wizard’ that guides the user step by step in learning the whole process of operating our website.

How user will see it on Mob & can sort the products + also put them in cart with the help of “add to cart” button

With the amount new technology being used in today’s Smartphones, a website dedicated to mobile users is absolutely necessary. Our designers have come up with an extremely easy mobile website that not only fits in the palm of your hand, but also allows you to perform powerful functions with your fingertips. Our mobile website is packed with the same features of the desktop site that allows you to sort products and add them to cart and send them to your loved ones directly from your smartphone.

The tablet section shows that it is responsive for all devices. User can review the product, see in stock & use social media buttons. Also can see all possible variations of a products & maximize it too.

The tablet version of our website is an extended version of our powerful mobile site. We have added support for nearly all tablets known to mankind. The tablet website not only allows you to sort products and add them to your cart, but it also allows you to see the stock status, share a certain product and see variations of different products at your fingertips.

Thanks Section: Summarize the “Intro of KM” post & motivating users to visit us, provide their feedback, share it in their circle & send gifts through us.

KishMish is determined to help you share happiness with your loved ones regardless of where they are based. We have put in a lot of effort to give you the easiest possible way to share love across the glove. If you are tired of typical gift shops, give us a shot and you won’t be disappointed. If you like what we do, do not forget to tell your friends about us. We are also very serious about our user’s experience, so do not forget to leave us feedback.

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